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Litwiniuk lawyersLitwiniuk & Company delivers exceptional legal representation while adhering to a set of principles grounded in community service and family values. Founder Larry Litwiniuk set the bar high when he started the firm in 1976, and his sons Todd and Fred are continuing the traditions of service, honesty and hard work as the firm continues to grow and evolve to meet the changing needs of clients. While every lawyer in the firm is highly skilled at what they do, their individual passions and experience are a big part of who they are. We’re not only lawyers, we’re real people, with the ability and desire to understand the difficult circumstances our clients face.

Larry Litwiniuk

Professional Background: Larry received his Bachelor of Laws from the University of Alberta in 1974 and has been a member of the Law Society of Alberta since 1975. Over the past 36 years, he has worked primarily in Personal Injury Law, although he also has experience in Real Estate Law, Juvenile and Criminal Law, Estate Law, Family Law, and Company Law.

Larry’s personal injury law experience includes:

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Catastrophic Loss and Fatality
  • Insurance Disability
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Product Liability

Personal Snapshot: Larry has been a community volunteer throughout his life. His volunteer work has included Student Legal Services; Boyle Street, Edmonton; fundraising for communities such as Inglewood, Renfrew, and Chestermere; Calgary Boys Club (past member); major political parties; and school religious tolerance exchange programs.

He enjoys hiking, traveling, collecting and restoring classic and vintage automobiles and O gauge trains, metaphysics in all forms, and music. He has played with bands such as Silk Tassel and The 88s, and still jams occasionally with his children Holly, Freddy and Todd. When any member of his musical family is performing (especially in Nashville) Larry is the most enthusiastic face in the audience.

Todd Litwiniuk

Managing Partner

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Professional Background: Todd graduated from the University of Calgary with a degree in Political Science in 1991, and obtained his Bachelor of Law degree from the University of Wales in 1994. He was called to the bar by the Law Society of Alberta in 1995, and began working at Litwiniuk & Company. In his 15 years of practice, Todd has focused on Catastrophic Injury and Fatality claims, Occupiers’ Liability, Product Liability, and Motor Vehicle Accidents, although he also has experience in many other areas of the law. Todd is an active member of the Alberta Civil Trial Lawyers Association.

Todd’s extensive advocacy experience includes:

  • Administrative Tribunals
  • Provincial Court (Civil, Criminal, and Family and Youth Divisions)
  • Court of Queen’s Bench
  • Judicial Dispute Resolution
  • Mediation

Personal Snapshot: When he’s not negotiating on behalf of Litwiniuk & Company’s clients, Todd enjoys playing hockey, billiards, and weightlifting. Todd is also an avid golfer.

Clint Suntjens

Phone: (403) 569-6434     Email:

Professional Background: Clint obtained his Bachelor of Laws from the University of Calgary in 1993. He was called to the Alberta Bar in 1994. His focus is Civil Litigation, with key areas of practice including Personal Injury, Insurance, Medical Malpractice, and Employment. Although not a member of the bar in provinces other than Alberta, Clint has extensive experience conducting lawsuits in British Columbia, Saskatchewan and other jurisdictions.

Clint’s legal expertise encompasses:

  • All types of Automobile, Products Liability and Personal Injury Accidents, including those causing catastrophic losses and fatalities
  • Accidents and injuries caused by medical and dental professionals
  • Insurance contract breaches
  • Wrongful dismissal and severance pay issues
  • Human rights violations against employees
  • Workplace harassment

His extensive advocacy experience includes:

  • Administrative Tribunals
  • The Provincial Court of Alberta (Family and Youth, Criminal, Civil and Traffic Divisions)
  • The Court Of Queen’s Bench of Alberta
  • The Supreme Court of British Columbia, as well as the Courts of Queen’s Bench of Saskatchewan and Manitoba
  • The Court of Appeal of Alberta
  • The Federal Court of Canada (Trial Division)
  • The Supreme Court of Canada
  • Judicial Dispute Resolution
  • Private Mediation

Personal Snapshot: Clint’s hobbies include various fitness activities and sports. He is also an accomplished martial artist with a third degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do.


Derek Allchurch

Phone: (403) 569-6440     Email:

Professional Background:Derek completed his Bachelor of Laws at the University of Alberta in 1993 and was welcomed to the Alberta Bar in 1994.

Derek’s extensive legal experience and expertise includes:

  • Personal injury with a focus on brain injuries and chronic pain suffered as a result of motor vehicle accidents
  • Civil litigation matters including construction contracts, slip and fall injuries, product liability, debt enforcement cases
  • Wrongful dismissal
  • Medical and dental malpractice

His advocacy experience includes:

  • The Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta
  • The Provincial Court of Alberta
  • The Court of Appeal of Alberta
  • Administrative Tribunals including WCB Appeals Commission, Social Benefits Appeal Board, Employment Insurance Appeal Board and Canada Pension Plan Appeal Board

In addition to court appearances, Derek has successfully resolved hundreds of cases prior to trial. He is past Chair of the Canadian Bar Association Personal Injury section, and former Southern Alberta Section Coordinator for the Canadian Bar Association. He also served eight years as a Board member for the Alberta Civil Trial Lawyers Association between 1998 and 2006. Derek is an energetic peer contributor in the delivery of legal education seminars, and a spokesperson on the Minor Injury Regulation at conferences and seminars. In November 2011 he represented the Canadian Bar Association as part of a two person presentation to the Alberta caucus regarding legislative changes to the Minor Injury Regulation.

View paper, Minor Injury? I Don’t Think So! in the Articles section.

Personal Snapshot: Derek has been an active volunteer with Calgary Legal Guidance since 1995 and was elected to the Board in 2008. Most notably he was appointed Chair of the organization for the 2011/12 term, as it celebrated its 40th Anniversary. Calgary Legal Guidance is a high profile community based association that provides assistance for low income individuals facing legal matters, who don’t qualify for Legal Aid. His personal commitments to the community are further evidenced by the time he invests as a coach, with the Trails West Hockey Association and his former contributions as a soccer coach. Derek enjoys recreational curling and was a member of the championship team in the 2012 Calgary Bar Association Bonspiel. He also plays hockey regularly within the Alberta Insurance Hockey League and obtained his black belt in Hap Ki Do prior to entering law school.

Fred Litwiniuk

Managing Partner

Phone: (403) 569-6437     Email:

Professional Background: Fred obtained a Bachelor of Laws with Honours in 1998, and works with Litwiniuk & Company in the areas of Office Management and Human Resources. He is an active member of the Law Society of Alberta, and practices in the area of Civil Litigation. His advocacy experience includes the Provincial Court (Civil, Criminal, and Family and Youth Divisions) and Judicial Mediation. He also has trial experience at the Court of Queen’s Bench, as well as Judicial Dispute Resolutions.

Personal Snapshot: Fred enjoys watching hockey, golfing, learning new languages, cooking, and reading nonfiction. He is also an accomplished vocalist, songwriter, recording artist, and music producer. To learn more about Fred and his music, visit the following websites:

Jonathan Noorduyn

Phone: (403) 569-6438     Email:

Professional Background: Jonathan joined Litwiniuk & Company in 2010 as a Student at Law, and upon completion of his articling year and his admission to the Alberta Bar, he joined the firm as an associate lawyer.

Jonathan’s legal interest areas include:

  • Personal Injury
  • Civil Litigation
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution

While in law school, Jonathan worked with Student Legal Services (SLS) to providing legal information and access to justice to low-income people in the Edmonton area. Working with SLS allowed Jonathan to experience a wide variety of civil actions. He continues to actively pursue professional development opportunities, including a recent seminar on Negotiations and Alternative Dispute Resolution at the University of Hawaii.

Personal Snapshot: In addition to his volunteer commitments, Jonathan enjoys snowboarding, surfing, hiking and international travel. His interests also include improving his golf swing and watching a good Leafs game.

Breeya Engel

Phone: (403) 569-6425     Email:

Professional Background: Breeya completed her Bachelor of Laws at the University of Alberta in 2011 after completing three years toward a Bachelor of Arts Psychology degree. Upon admission to law school in 2008, she received the prestigious President’s Scholarship in Law recognizing superior academic achievement.

Breeya was an active volunteer throughout her post secondary career lending her enthusiasm and experience to Student Legal Services, as well as the Faculty of Law. In her role as a Law School Ambassador, she coordinated a number of events throughout the years and welcomed new students through the faculty’s orientation program. Breeya also participated and organized a number of activities to raise funds in support of local charities.

In 2011, Breeya joined Litwiniuk & Company as a Student-at-Law and was called to the Alberta Bar in 2012. She has gained valuable legal experience since joining the firm, and continues to develop her expertise in personal injury matters. Breeya looks forward to pursuing her professional legal career as one of Litwiniuk & Company’s practicing lawyers.

Personal Snapshot: Breeya enjoys an active lifestyle and balances her time between yoga, running and aerobics. She has a passion for travel, and speaks both French and Hebrew. Breeya studied for a semester at the University of Wollongong, Australia while working toward her law degree, and although she has traveled to a number of other countries around the world including Italy, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Israel, Thailand, Fiji, Greece, and Croatia, she hopes to visit a few more in the years to come.

Mathew Wirove

Phone: (403) 569-6430     Email:

Professional Background: Mathew joined Litwiniuk & Company as a Student-at-Law in 2012 after earning his law degree at the University of Calgary, and completing a Bachelor of Arts in Economics at the University of Alberta. Following his articling year and admission to the Alberta Bar in 2013, Mathew joined the firm as an Associate Lawyer.

While attending law school, he was an active volunteer with Student Legal Assistance (SLA) where he provided information and representation to low income citizens in the Calgary area. The experience he gained at SLA was invaluable, as it spurred his enthusiasm and passion for civil litigation and personal injury.

Mathew’s areas of legal interest and expertise include:

  • Personal Injury
  • Civil Litigation
  • Wrongful dismissal
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution

Personal Snapshot: When Mathew is not in the office, he enjoys an active lifestyle spent fishing, hiking, and playing recreational sports.

Geoffrey Brisbin

Phone: (403) 569-6426     Email:

Professional Background: Geoff obtained his Juris Doctorate from the University of Calgary in 2012. Prior to attending law school, he graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts from Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where he also earned a Master of Arts degree. Geoff has received numerous awards and acknowledgments throughout his academic career, and his published work is on deposit at the National Library in Ottawa, Ontario.

Throughout law school, Geoff was a dedicated volunteer with the University of Calgary’s Student Legal Assistance program, a non-profit organization that provides legal advice and services to those in the community who may not otherwise be able to afford it. During his tenure with Student Legal Assistance, Geoff acted as a case worker, trial advocate, and mentor to the program’s civil division. Unrestricted access to justice remains an important issue to him, and he continues to lend his time and apply his professional knowledge to various legal organizations.

In 2012, Geoff began his legal career as a Student-at-Law with Litwiniuk & Company, and was called to the Alberta Bar in 2013. As a lawyer with the firm, Geoff continues to practice and develop his expertise in civil litigation, primarily focusing on personal injury matters, as well as on arbitration and alternative dispute resolution.

View paper, Minor Injury? I Don’t Think So! in the Articles section.

Personal Snapshot: When away from the office, Geoff can be found enjoying any sort of sporting event, taking in a museum or gallery exhibit, and when the weather permits, floating down the Bow River or playing softball.

Michelle Tong

Phone: (587) 390-0110     Email:

Professional Background: Michelle joined Litwiniuk & Company in 2013 as a Student-at-Law after obtaining her Juris Doctorate from the University of Alberta. Prior to attending law school, she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from the University of British Columbia and was a summer law student with a Vancouver family litigation firm.

While in law school, Michelle actively volunteered with Student Legal Services (SLS) to provide legal information and access to justice to low-income individuals in the Edmonton area. Working with SLS allowed Michelle to gain valuable experience in both civil and criminal litigation and advocacy experience at the Provincial Court of Alberta. Michelle was also the 2013 recipient of the Canadian Energy Law Foundation Prize recognizing superior academic standing.

Michelle was admitted to the Alberta Bar in 2014 and joined the firm as an Associate Lawyer. As a lawyer, she is continuing to develop her expertise in civil litigation. Michelle primarily focuses on personal injury matters and has made numerous appearances before the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta. Her volunteer work and litigation experience has only further solidified her eagerness to practice law in the spirit of helping people.

Personal Snapshot: Michelle enjoys an active lifestyle spent hiking and travelling. She is also an avid “foodie” and passionate hockey fan.

Erin A.L. Townley, Student-at-Law

Phone: (403) 569-6436     Email:

Professional Background: Erin graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University in 2010, with an Honours Bachelor of Arts in English. She enrolled at the University of Alberta Faculty of Law in 2011, and graduated with her Juris Doctorate this past Spring. In August of 2014, Erin commenced her articles of clerkship with Litwiniuk & Company.

While attending the U of A, Erin was actively involved in Student Legal Services. During her time with SLS, Erin appeared in Chambers, frequently acted as an agent at the Residential Tenancy Dispute Resolution Service, attended Judicial Dispute Resolutions and private mediations, and ran a Provincial Court civil trial.

It was through SLS that Erin discovered her passion for civil litigation, especially in the areas of personal injury, employment & wrongful dismissal, breach of contract, and medical malpractice.

Personal Snapshot: When she is not in the office, Erin is committed to pursuing a healthy, active lifestyle. She plays hockey, is a self-described Baptiste “yogi”, and loves exploring the beauty of Calgary on her bike. She is also an avid runner, managing to qualify for the Boston marathon in her first attempt.

Erin believes in giving back to the community. She is a two year volunteer with the charity “7 Days in May”, which raises money for Pancreatic Cancer research through an 1100km, week long bike ride around Lake Ontario. She is currently working towards creating a one-day ride in Calgary this May.