Guiding Principles

At Litco Law, these principles are the core of who we are and the code by which we live – guiding our behaviours, communication, decision-making, and defining our character.

Our Why

To balance the power.

This is the reason we exist, and the guidepost behind all our decisions. It means we level the playing field, we fight unfairness, inequality, and injustice, and we advocate for those who need help.

Our Brand Promises

  1. We'll help you find the solution, even if we're not it.
  2. The 24/30 rule. We'll get back to you within 24 hours and you'll hear from us every 30 days or less.
  3. We never bill by the hour.
Core Values

Our Core Values

Own It - You make a difference

We're extra, in a good way! It's about more than just showing up and clocking out. We always look for ways to be the difference in order to make a difference.

Empathy – Walk the mile and take the extra step

Empathy is an action! It's about finding a way to relate to the situation, expressing a desire to help, and then taking a step to help.

Kindness – Help others feel great about themselves

Find out what makes people happy and do it on purpose! Take the time to notice others and actively try to improve their lives through a kind word or action.

Ask Why – Challenge the status quo

If there's a better way to do something, find the better way! The most dangerous phrase is "we've always done things this way."

Don't Blame – Point the finger at yourself

We are human, and humans make mistakes! The most important thing is to learn from those mistakes and look for a solution rather than laying blame.


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