Client Testimonials and Success Stories

Our goal is to ensure that every client feels supported and taken care of through every stage of their claim. That means ensuring all your questions are answered and providing real solutions from the most caring team on earth. Our business is built on relationships, and we believe that that every satisfied client is a potential ambassador for the firm.


Todd and Fred were professional and forward, answering all my questions initially. From there, Geoff and the entire team were very helpful and did a phenomenal job working my case. I recommend Litco Law to anyone who has an injury. I am thoroughly impressed with their expertise and professionalism. Thank you for everything.


Litco Law made dealing with the aftermath of my accident so easy. I am forever grateful for everything they have done for my kids and I. From dealing with my insurance company and the other. Thank you so much.


It was a pleasure working with Litco Law. The team was supportive and provided us with help by answering every question we didn't have the answer to. They made the process easy for us.


Top notch service. My family has used Litco Law multiple times and always get amazing RESULTS.


Litco Law has always treated us like family and not just a number. Thank you!


I was well informed of what was taking place at different stages of my case. The Litco Law team was very professional and great to deal with.

H.R. & L.N.

Thanks for your valuable service. We appreciate your concern for your case and your response to our questions and concerns, especially in the last months that were critical for the settlement. Thanks so much to you and your company.

Pervez Makhdoom

I would like to thank you and all of your team for the settlement of my claim which was done in a very professional way. I am fully satisfied with its outcome.

I first contacted the law firm of (company name withheld) as they handled an accident case for my wife in 1979, but I was surprised that they never even wanted to deal with the case, and suggested that I should settle with the insurance company.

I am glad that I approached your law firm, as I was confused at the time of the accident. I was told by my insurance adjuster that I should settle with them, that in these kinds of accident claims the maximum a person gets is $5000, and that I could expect the same amount. My settlement was more than six times what the insurance company was offering me.

It was a very good experience to deal with your law firm and certainly I will recommend anyone based on my experience. Once again, please extend my thanks to the team – all were very helpful all the way to the end.

John Thorson

Many thanks for helping me through the litigation process related to my motor vehicle accident of January 21, 2011. I believe the final settlement ended up about where you thought it should be. Although a long process, it was interesting to me as I've never been involved in a lawsuit before.

I'm pleased that you were assigned to this file as your experience in this field was a big help to me and much appreciated. I wish you well and I will certainly refer anybody else I know that might be considering a personal injury claim to Litco Law.

Ashid Bahl

For more than 30 years, Ashid Bahl has been helping others. As the founder and President of the For the Love of Children Society, his Calgary-based organization has built schools and orphanages around the world, and helped children in need here in Canada.

After suffering an accident injury, the tables were turned, and Ashid was the one who needed help. "A gentleman I worked with many years ago had a very good experience with his accident-related injury, and he passed on Larry Litwiniuk's name," says Ashid.

"Larry genuinely cares about you, what happens to you. He always takes that personal interest in you after the accident. Any time you need to talk or ask questions, you pick up the phone and he's there for you. A lot of times the insurance companies are not there for your well being. They don't care; they just want a quick settlement."

"I've worked with other lawyers, and Litco Law are different," says Ashid. "They're very community oriented, and Larry has gone out of his way over the years to help us as a charity, working with children here and around the world."

"He dealt with us in such a professional way – and does such a good job – that we highly recommend him, and are comfortable referring someone to Larry and the firm."

Brian Lehman

We have had the pleasure of being clients of Litco Law for approximately 8 years. On occasion we have dealt with the various lawyers within the firm, always to our satisfaction.

When handling our injury claims the service and attention to detail has always been uppermost in the minds of the firm. The thorough way is the only way!

We do not hesitate to recommend Litco Law for any of your legal injury needs.

Sincerely – Brian Lehman

Mick Cawthorn

As the owner of Kane's Harley-Davidson, Mick Cawthorn is a leading member of the Alberta motorcycle riding community. Over the decades he's been in business, he's used the services of Litco Law personally, and also steered friends and customers to the firm.

"I have referred tons of people over the years," says Mick. "People that I've recommended Litco Law to have thanked me for getting them hooked up with them. A couple of people right now are working with them on personal accident injuries, and they're real pleased with them."

"I've found them to be very professional ... and they have always had my best interests at heart," says Mick. "I'm not just a number in their system."

David Rose

David Rose knows a thing or two about taking care of customers. As the owner of The Car Store, he depends on satisfied customers telling their friends about their positive experiences.

"Our business works very much on a referral basis, and our clients know that regardless of what problem they have…we've got someone in our network that's going to treat them with the same elegance and honesty that we give our customers here." says David.

"Litco Law is the only legal firm that we refer our clients to for that reason. When you go in there (the Litwiniuk office) you're treated like someone that is important to the firm. Not just another number, not just another face."

"I call it the elegance of business. Today in the service industry – and that's what industry they're really in – there's not a lot of elegance anymore; it's whatever's best for me. You never feel that way when you're dealing with Litco Law."

"Originally, I was referred to Larry because of an accident I had been embroiled in with a truck running into me. A few years later, I had another situation, went back to Larry and was very satisfied. Over the years I've sent him friends, family and many of our clients and everybody has been tickled pink with the outcome," says David.

"I recommend the firm on a monthly basis and I've never had someone come back and say \'Geez, I'm sorry you sent me there.'"

Stella Turning Robe

Stella Turning Robe experienced a traumatic event that no parent or grandparent should ever endure: she witnessed her granddaughter being hit by a vehicle in a crosswalk on a busy street in South Calgary.

"I was in my truck at the intersection and three lanes of traffic had stopped, when a woman in the fourth lane came out of nowhere. My granddaughter was sideswiped and went flying through the air. To this day I don't know how I got across to the right hand lane, parked and got out of my truck to help her. It was traumatic."

"I called Litco Law and told the lawyer over the phone what had happened, and he said to come in and have a talk. The three of us – my granddaughter and the mother, my daughter – all went."

"After the accident, my granddaughter couldn't even walk to school. I had to drive her. We first got treatment for her physical injuries, then after that the lawyer referred us to a psychologist. She's been going regularly and it has really helped."

"I like that Litco Law don't just talk to you about financial entitlement; they try to help the family get healed," says Turning Robe. "Getting healed is the most important thing."
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