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Will my insurance go up because of my injury claim? (& other myths).
Find out about some of the most common misconceptions regarding injury claims.
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We’ve rounded up the most common Personal Injury FAQs to save you time going through the ins and outs of your claim.
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What will an injury claim really cost me?
You don’t pay us anything unless and until your claim is resolved…
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Can You Drink While Boating in Alberta?
Can You Drink While Boating in Alberta?

While you may think it's harmless to crack a cold one while you’re boating on the water, a lot of people don’t know that the penalties for drinking and driving a boat are exactly the same as for drinking and driving a car.

Are Amusement Parks Liable If You Get Injured?
Are Amusement Parks Liable If You Get Injured?

What are your legal options if you are injured on a ride? Can you file an injury claim?

Courts and Loss of Intimacy
Courts and Loss of Intimacy

We know that loss of intimacy after an injury can be a difficult and painful topic. But it’s also something that many people suffer through without receiving any support.

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