Litco Law was born of a visionary spirit, endless determination, and a desire to help clients find real solutions to their legal problems.

How it started...

In 1976, husband and wife team Larry and Marianne Litwiniuk started Litwiniuk & Company (now Litco Law). When Larry took on his first Personal Injury case, he saw an opportunity to really make a difference in people's lives by balancing the power between injured clients and the multi-million-dollar insurance company they were up against. As children of immigrants, Larry and Marianne both understood how tough it was to get ahead without money, resources, or support; this instilled in them a passion to fight for the little guy, the underdog. This desire to make a positive difference in the world and help those who need it most led Litwiniuk & Company to become Calgary's boutique Personal Injury law firm.

Where it's going...

After 30 years of providing great service to Albertans, Larry and Marianne were ready to pass on this caring legacy to their sons, Todd and Fred. The brothers worked together to create the Litco Law we know and love today, with multiple locations across Canada. Litco Law has expanded our services to include additional areas of law in order to help even more people. Most people think law firms are stuffy, old-fashioned, awful places to work with rich mahogany and many leather-bound books, but Todd and Fred set out to shatter that stereotype. "We knew that if we got the team right, everything else would be easier," says Todd. "That's why we started by challenging ourselves to create the kind of culture that would attract amazing people, a place where they would be happy and thrive." Fred echoes this sentiment, stating that "We want to be a model culture not only for other law firms, but for other companies. We know that our clients will only ever be as happy as our team; you can't care for others if you don't feel cared for." Like all great principles, ours are simple and true. You build an exceptional company one exceptional individual at a time.


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