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May 10, 2021


Hey Edmonton! We’re Litco Law. We’re new in town, but we’re not new to caring… or to helping Edmontonians, for that matter! Truth is, we’ve been helping Albertans since 1976, and we care. A lot. You can count on us to remember your birthday, to congratulate you on your new home, or to take you out for coffee just to catch up. Basically, we’re your new BFFs, with a side of free legal answers. (We also have great reality TV suggestions, but we digress.) Our new office is open May 10— come say hi, and keep reading to hear about what’s in store!

Our fresh Edmonton space is located in Garneau, one of the oldest and coolest neighbourhoods in the city. With tons of historic homes, an arthouse cinema, and unique cafes and shops lining the streets, we feel right at home within this neighbourhood’s vibrant energy. Plus, we have some serious roots here! Litco Law’s founder, Larry Litwiniuk, actually went to the U of A and has had clients here since the beginning. In fact, the first client intake that his son Fred, now President of Litco Law, ever saw as a kid was in Edmonton. Talk about coming full circle!

Now, let’s get to the goods: our new office! Litco Law’s workplace is not what you’d expect from a law firm… but that makes total sense to us, because we are not your standard legal team! Our code of caring is reflected in our space, where you’ll be greeted by an intoxicating feeling of warmth and belonging. Say goodbye to the traditionally cold waiting area, the marble and mahogany, and the frosty receptionist. Our friendly and unforgettable hosts know repeat visitors by name, greet guests with a smile, and make strangers feel like long-lost friends. But it doesn’t stop there— our décor itself is fun and modern, with walls telling vibrant stories of our history and who we are. Our most-prized awards glitter beside the inspirational people, quotes, and books that have shaped us. Oh, and that amazing fresh coffee smell follows you everywhere you go. Want to move in yet? Us too.

While you may not be able to make our new space your actual home, it can be your home away from home. Like we said, we’ve been helping Albertans since 1976, and our level of care is out of this world. If you need help, we’ll always help you find a solution— even if we’re not it. Because we think it’s cool to care. And we’ll always answer your legal questions, for free! So Edmonton, it’s nice to finally be here. We can’t wait to get to know you… and we’re so excited to share our amazing office with this incredible community. Hope we’ll see you soon down in Garneau!

Litco Law’s New Edmonton Office


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