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A life can change forever in the blink of an eye. Personal injuries often occur so quickly that victims don’t even have a chance to think about what’s about to happen before they are injured. But once the damage has been done, so many thoughts begin to crowd their minds.

Will I ever fully recover? How am I going to make ends meet if I can’t work? Who will pay for treatments beyond what’s covered by Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCIP)? And, can anyone help me figure all of this out?

Fortunately, when the answer to the last question is Litco Law Edmonton Personal Injury Lawyers, you’ll have a strong, experienced and compassionate advocate in your corner to help sort out the others.

For more than 40 years we have been assisting Albertans who have experienced personal injuries as they put their lives back together. By contacting our new Edmonton offices, you start your journey to recovery and be confident that our team will be on your side and at your side every step of the way.


Litco Law’s Personal Injury Areas of Expertise

Litco Law’s Edmonton Personal Injury lawyers are ready to take on cases involving a wide range of accidents and injuries.

Car accidents: Whether you or your loved one(s) were drivers or passengers in a car accident, you have the right to access Section B benefits regardless of who is found to be at fault. Privately purchased insurance plans or coverage through your employer may also be accessed to help cover your expenses and losses. If the accident was not your fault, or you are only partially responsible, you may also file a lawsuit for compensation for your pain, suffering and other damages.

Litco Law has a long track record of dealing with insurers who may deny your claim, dispute the severity of your injury, or contend that contributory negligence diminishes your claim. Our personal injury lawyers will investigate the circumstances of your accident, ensure you see medical professionals who properly diagnose and assess your condition, and come prepared with a trial-ready file to encourage insurers to give you the fair compensation you deserve.

Trucking accidents: Large transport trucks, municipal, intercity or school buses, and heavy machinery involved in accidents often cause or contribute to significant damage due to their size. Moreover, cases involving these types of vehicles can have added layers of complexity when dealing with out-of-province or out-of-country trucking companies, municipalities or when multiple insurance providers are involved.

Litco Law’s Edmonton Personal Injury Lawyers have the expertise to handle cases brought by both drivers of these vehicles who have sustained injuries and anyone else impacted by the accident.

Motorcycle accidents: Although statistics indicate motorcyclists in Edmonton were found to be at fault in about half of the accidents they were part of, every driver is entitled to draw on Section B benefits and/or their private insurance policies to assist in their recovery. In cases when the motorcyclist is not at fault, or if there is a dispute over whether the motorcyclist’s negligence contributed to the accident or their injuries, Litco Law’s Edmonton Personal Injury Lawyers can help to prepare a claim, investigate the circumstances behind the collision, and build a case that strives to bring you the compensation you deserve.

Bicycle, E-bike and E-scooter accidents: As any cyclist will tell you, it’s important to share the road; and, when these cyclists must share the road with vehicles many times their size, they hope these drivers exercise particular caution when near them. Nevertheless, whether it’s a collision on the road or getting “doored” by a careless person exiting a stationary vehicle, cyclists are highly likely to be injured in these accidents.

Cyclists are not required to hold liability insurance in order to drive their bicycles; but they can draw on Section B benefits from the insurer of a motor vehicle involved in the accident. They can also make a claim for compensation if the other driver is at fault.

Pedestrian accidents: In two-thirds of all collisions involving pedestrians in Edmonton in 2019, pedestrians were crossing the road with the right of way - either where there was a signalized intersection with a walk sign, a marked crosswalk, or at an unmarked crossing at an intersection. Even though these pedestrians were following the rules of the road, in the majority of these cases a driver’s negligence caused them injury; and in several cases resulted in their death.

Accident victims are entitled to Section B benefits and/or private insurance benefits. If a pedestrian was not at fault for the accident, they could launch a lawsuit against an at-fault driver to compensate them for their losses.

Hit and run accidents: When a driver is involved in a motor vehicle accident that causes injury, they not only have a legal obligation to stay at the scene, they have a moral obligation. Most people in society take responsibility for their actions, but some people add insult to injury by fleeing the scene.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a hit and run accident, you know how devastating it can be to learn that an at-fault driver may not be held to account for what they’ve done. Fortunately, these victims still have options for benefits and compensation from the Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Fund - a program designed to protect victims of uninsured or unknown drivers.

Litco Law’s Edmonton Personal Injury Lawyers can guide you through the application process for the Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Program.

Uber and Lyft accidents: Ride-sharing services have become a popular method of transport and are coming under more regulation. As Personal Injury law specialists, Litco Law’s knowledge and expertise will help you feel comfortable that your case is in experienced and trustworthy hands.

ATV accidents: City-living offers a lot of benefits, but the lure of the great outdoors is strong. It’s common to find weekend warriors from Edmonton and its suburbs joining rural residents on dirt roads and trails riding all-terrain vehicles like four-wheelers and skidoos. Most of the time, everyone has great fun; but sometimes serious accidents and injuries can occur.

Insurance policies covering ATVs and off-road vehicles can be complex, and unlike on-road accidents, establishing the proportion of fault shared by people involved in these accidents can be more challenging and contested. Litco Law’s Edmonton Personal Injury Lawyers are well-prepared to manage these kinds of cases.

Car rental accidents: Can you ever have too much of a good thing? When you rent a vehicle you may be covered by more than one insurance policy - your own insurance policies and any insurance offered by the rental company. Determining who pays, how much they will pay, and whether you can draw benefits and compensation from multiple policies can be complicated.

Litco Law’s Edmonton Personal Injury Lawyers can work with you to ensure you receive everything you deserve. We are not afraid to pursue claims against insurers who dispute their obligations to you.

Boating and watercraft accidents: Personal injuries sustained in accidents on the open water are frequently serious. Not only is there a greater risk of drowning or brain damage caused by lack of oxygen if injured persons are in the water, but it can take first responders longer to get to the scene. Boating and watercraft accident victims deserve legal representation intent of maximizing compensation for them.

Our team of personal injury lawyers understands that establishing the facts of boating and watersports accidents can be difficult and at-fault parties may try to use these challenges to their advantage. We are prepared to dig deep and use a variety of types of evidence to build your case.

Slip, trip and falls: If another person’s negligence has created hazardous areas which caused or contributed to your slip, trip or fall injury, they should be held accountable. You may feel embarrassed by these accidents or blame yourself for not being more careful. Nevertheless, even if your own negligence may have contributed to your injury it does not excuse another party’s role in creating unsafe conditions.

Litco Law’s Edmonton Personal Injury Lawyers know how to build strong cases which clearly demonstrate how another party’s negligence or recklessness led to these preventable accidents.

Recreational/sports injuries: We accept certain risks when taking part in recreational activities and sports. However, accepting a degree of risk should not and does not excuse public institutions and private companies from their obligation to minimize unnecessary risks and ensure general safety precautions. If you’ve suffered an injury while participating in a recreational activity or sport, you may be entitled to certain insurance benefits if you have coverage. Even if you don’t qualify for these benefits, you may be able to make a claim if another person’s negligence caused or contributed to your accident. Our team of personal injury lawyers can answer your questions about the prospects of such a lawsuit and help you understand your rights (including rights you may think you’ve waived if you signed a waiver).

Traumatic brain injuries: The brain is our body’s control centre. If it’s compromised by an injury, there can be a chain reaction that may have far-reaching consequences on many aspects of our lives. Traumatic brain injuries can affect cognition and executive functioning, impact moods and behaviours, change or limit mobility and lead to secondary health problems. Although rehabilitation efforts can help victims to recover some of these losses or relearn some skills, a person with permanent brain damage may require expensive long-term care or assistance. Litco Law’s Edmonton personal injury lawyers ensure our clients with traumatic brain injuries are carefully assessed by medical experts to ensure our claims take into account their current and future needs.

Spinal cord injuries: If the brain is our body’s control centre, the spinal cord is the main line of communication. A serious spinal cord injury can completely block the brain’s messages to parts of the body, lead confusing signals, or cause numbness or terrible pain from nerve damage.
Determining the extent of spinal cord injuries, monitoring potential recovery and calculating just how much this injury has cost the accident victim can take time.

Long term disability due to an accident: Following an accident you will likely hear from many people wishing you a speedy recovery. Unfortunately, sometimes personal injuries lead to long-term disabilities that substantially alter aspects of your life, including your ability to work. Funding long term disability payments is expensive and some insurers will attempt to argue that your disabilities do not prevent you from working - either at your job, a similar position for which you are qualified, or “any” job depending on the wording in your policy.

Litco Law’s knowledgeable personal injury lawyers are ready to carefully analyze your insurance policy’s language, build evidence of your disability, and take on insurers who expect you to work when it’s not practical or possible.

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