Litco Law’s Extra Mile: 7 Stories

May 7, 2021

At Litco Law, we make it our business to help people. We don’t stop there, though— our ultra-empathetic team always strives to do more, be more, and take every extra step possible to guarantee client happiness. It’s important to us that we bring the same warmth and compassion to every case we take on, whether it’s related to Personal Injury, Real Estate, Employment Law, or Wills & Estates. But don’t just take our word for it! Keep reading for seven inspiring stories of incredible client care. We hope you get as many warm fuzzies reading them as our team did making ‘em happen!

Legal advice with a side of snacks!

Whether our clients are stressed, hungry, or a mix of both—we’re going to be there for them. Case manager Brittney really embraced our core values of kindness and empathy when she spoke with a client who was going through a hard time in addition to her Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA). Though we helped the client ease her stress on the legal side, Brittney also recognized how a small surprise might brighten her day, and sent her an edible arrangement! The client was super grateful, and said it made her day. Honestly, snacks always make our day, too…

No car? No problem.

Everyone we help has unique challenges to face, and at Litco Law, it’s our job to lessen those struggles. For one of our Edmonton clients, a lack of transportation was a huge obstacle to receiving quality treatment. Luckily, our Accounting Assistant Mariel and Administrative Services expert Tyler had taxi chits arranged and couriered out to her, so that she could get to her treatments without owning a car. As a single mom, this client truly appreciated the additional effort from Tyler and Mariel. Great work, guys!

Full-time law team, part-time personal shoppers…

We’re all about making sure clients get the quality treatment they deserve… and if that means helping out with scouting sales, we’re down to shop till we drop! Antonio from the Client Care team once scoured the shelves to find a client work boots on sale, as he was starting his new job the next day and couldn’t afford the equipment. In the end, Antonio’s hard work paid off— the client was able to afford the discounted items, and we sent him on his way to a better financial situation.

Ask us anything (and we mean anything)!

Free legal answers are generally our go-to, but we’ll help with whatever we can! Whether it’s Client Solutions’ Astrid providing detailed directions to a mistake caller’s ultrasound office, or Aurelio helping a client load Facebook Messenger onto her computer, we’ll always help you find a solution. Most of the time, people just need someone to listen. We’re here to tell you that the Litco Law team always will!

Let’s shorten that to-do list.

No problem is too big or small for Litco Law to tackle! When a client came to us with tenancy issues, Lawyer Michelle hopped on a phone call to discuss and draft a letter to help him out with his rental problems. She went over and above, seriously reflecting Litco Law’s core value of empathy! Michelle, we love you for putting yourself in the client’s shoes, every single time.

Clarity is key…

Legal talk is confusing at best, but we never want to leave clients with a “clear as mud” kind of feeling. Client Robert Williams reassured us that we didn’t leave any question unanswered, saying, “I like how I was able to ask for any clarification. I did not need any, but regardless, they went through the contract. They leave a guy with no questions at all.” Shoutout to Client Solutions’ Marie-Lynn, Case Manager Abdi, and Lawyer Rick for being so thorough in explaining the process and making the client feel confident in their decision to hire us!

Can’t come to us? We’ll come to you!

At Litco Law, we understand that it’s not always convenient to come into office. When a client had to cancel multiple meetings due to migraines and autoimmune concerns, Administrative Services’ Maria Hughes offered to meet her at her home to sign releases. This meant a lot to the client, who had been advised by doctors not to leave her residence. We’re just glad we could make that client’s life a little easier!

So there you have it—seven ways the Litco Law team went above and beyond to help clients! We are so grateful to have a team that never hesitates to go the extra mile. Of course, we’re always here to answer any legal questions you have, but if you need a shopping buddy, a pick-me-up, or a friend to vent to, know we’re there… Because we really do care!


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