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How do you get around the Edmonton area? Whether it’s by car, truck, motorcycle, bus, bike, wheelchair or by foot, it’s hard not to conclude that Edmonton is a motor city where cars and trucks rule the road. As cars grew in popularity, the city’s urban planners expanded Edmonton’s grid system, made ring roads to calm traffic, added highways and created an environment where cars are kings.

Regardless of how you choose to move around the city, we all know that in our travels we will be dealing with significant car traffic. With so many cars on the road, accidents can and do happen. From minor fender benders to head-on collisions and everything in between, being involved in a car accident is never a pleasant experience. But, if any person involved in the accident sustain injuries, everything suddenly feels even worse. Damage to property is much easier to fix than damage to our bodies - especially if it causes permanent disability or leads to death.

If you or a loved one has had the misfortune of being hurt in a car accident, Litco Law Edmonton car accident lawyers are here to help. As personal injury advocates, we understand how overwhelmed, confused, scared, angry, and sad you may be feeling as you begin to think about what has happened and the uncertain road ahead. When you put your trust in us as your legal representatives, we will show you how our commitment, compassion and care are what you need as you seek the compensation you deserve.

Whether you were an innocent victim or your own actions partly contributed to the accident, every person involved in a car accident in Edmonton is entitled to certain health benefits. And, if another person’s negligence caused or contributed to your injuries, you may be able to launch a claim for compensation for losses you have suffered.

As your trusted advocate, we will be in your corner right from the beginning, providing resources, advice and case management to help you get the resources you need to heal. If insurers are disputing or denying their obligations to you, Litco Law Edmonton car accident lawyers are ready to take them on and build a case to prove your entitlement.  We put your best interests at the front and centre of everything we do and empower you to make well-considered decisions based on our knowledge of the law, experience dealing with insurers, and the facts of your case.

Edmonton Car Accident Statistics

Research suggests that Edmonton roads have become safer in recent years. Still, there are more than 20,000 collisions on our city’s streets each year and the vast majority involve car traffic. Roughly 10 percent of these accidents resulted in fatalities or injuries. 2018 Annual Motor Vehicle Collision Report (edmonton.ca)

In 2019, for example, Edmonton reported 2,301 minor injuries, 268 serious injuries and 14 fatalities from motor vehicle accidents. Motor Vehicle Collisions: City of Edmonton

We know there are certain times when car accidents are more likely to happen. For example, if you’re part of Friday afternoon rush hour traffic in November, you have a slightly greater chance of being involved in an accident than you would at other points in the day, week or year. Whenever and wherever an accident occurs, however, there are important things to keep in mind if you are involved in one.

What Should I Do Immediately Following A Car Accident?

Your top priority must always be your health and safety. Ensure the accident scene is secure from other hazards and immediately call for medical help or ask another person to call for medical help if you are unable. You should always be assessed by a first responder and seek additional medical attention if there is any concern about possible internal injuries - especially brain trauma or internal bleeding.

If you are able, collect essential information from other drivers and bystanders (names, contact numbers, insurance), take photos of the scene if possible, and record any facts about road conditions or the events leading up to the accident that may be helpful in the future.

There are also some things you should avoid doing following a car accident, including:

  • admitting fault. We know apologizing for anything and everything is a very Canadian thing to do, but we don’t advise signing anything that admits your fault in these early stages;

  • accepting any money or a proposed settlement before speaking with a personal injury lawyer. Your decision to accept money or a settlement before the extent of your injuries are known could prevent you from obtaining what you truly deserve; and/or

Doing any of these things could jeopardize your case, unintentionally limit the size of your damages or prevent you from claiming some benefits.

What Should I Do Once I’ve Left The Scene Of My Car Accident?

First, contact your insurance provider (or the insurer of one of the drivers involved in the accident if you do not have your own motor vehicle insurance). You will be directed to fill out appropriate forms to begin to receive benefits. If you have any concerns about the response you receive, consult a personal injury lawyer like Litco Law’s Edmonton car accident lawyers to look into your case. If another person is partially or fully at-fault for the accident, a personal injury lawyer can also help you to make a claim for losses and pain and suffering.

What Types Of Car Accidents And Injuries Do Litco Law Help With?

Litco Law Edmonton car accident lawyers deal with cases involving:

  • collisions with trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, E-bikes, E-scooters

  • pedestrian accidents

  • hit and run accidents

  • Uber and Lyft accidents

  • traumatic brain injuries

  • spinal cord injuries

  • long term disability due to an accident

How Can Litco Law Car Accident Lawyers Help You?

Accident victims should be able to concentrate all their energy on healing without worrying about everything else that comes with an injury. Litco Law Edmonton car accident lawyers are ready to join your team to help lighten the weight of responsibilities you face. By managing your medical assessments, dealing with difficult insurers, and working to get compensation to help you rebuild your life, we let you focus on what’s most critical - getting better.

What Resources Are Available Following A Car Accident?

Any person who sustains an injury in a car accident in Alberta is eligible to receive Section B benefits - even if they are not an occupant of a vehicle and even if they were completely at fault for causing the car accident. These no-fault benefits, which are mandated to be included in the Alberta Standard Automobile Policy by the Insurance Act, provide up to $50,000 in medical expenses and a maximum of $400 per week for lost earnings or 80 per cent of your pre-tax average weekly earnings, whichever is lower. If the car accident results in the death of your loved one, you are entitled to up to $6,150 in funeral services depending on your relation to the deceased and an additional $500 for grief counselling.

Section B policies often require you to draw on and exhaust private health insurance benefits through your employer or from personal policies before you are able to claim funds from a Section B insurer. Moreover, Section B rules limit the amount a claimant can spend on common and popular medical treatments following a car accident, including $250 for acupuncture, $250 for massage therapy and $750 for chiropractic treatments. The Section B insurer also has a right to send you to a doctor of their choice to approve ongoing treatments.

If you have paid into private health insurance policies, either individually or through your employer, you may be able to claim various benefits following any injury-causing accident. These policies can vary significantly and the language and clauses in the policies can sometimes be used by insurers as a way to deny claims. It is strongly recommended that you speak with a personal injury lawyer before agreeing to any proposed settlement or if you believe you’ve been unfairly denied benefits.

When another person causes or contributes to your injury, either intentionally or through negligence, filing a tort claim can be another way to access funds to compensate for your losses and pain and suffering. Torts are wrongful acts (other than a breach of contract) causing a claimant to suffer harm or loss that results in legal liability. A car accident victim may be found to be partially responsible for their injuries through contributory negligence. In these cases, if courts award damages to a claimant, they will deduct a percentage to account for the accident victim’s own negligent actions. You may think an accident was your own fault and believe you can’t file a tort claim; however, an experienced Edmonton car accident lawyer at Litco Law can investigate the circumstances surrounding the accident to determine if another person should share in the fault.

Testimonials of Our Work

Our clients tell us they appreciate that they don’t feel like just a number when they engage with us. As experienced personal injury lawyers, we know that above all, accident victims want and deserve to be treated with compassion and care by professionals who are attentive to all their needs.

When it does come to financial matters, however, you can trust us to go to bat for you with insurance companies who are offering less than you deserve. Pervez contacted another firm to take on his wife’s accident case, but they were uninterested in working on it and suggested he settle for what the insurer proposed. Litco Law gladly accepted the case and negotiated a settlement that was six times what the insurer offered.

Stella, who witnessed a tragic accident involving her granddaughter, said she was comforted that her Litco Law accident lawyer didn’t just talk about the financial entitlement of her case, but spent time trying to help the family heal.

As long-time client Brian notes, no matter which lawyer at our firm has handed his cases, the service and attention to detail has been top notch. “The thorough way is the only way,” he said.

Choose To Partner With Us

Your choice of legal representation is one of the most significant decisions you’ll make following a personal injury. You must be comfortable speaking with your lawyer, trust them to handle any complexities in your case, and believe they will always keep your best interests at heart. We take this responsibility very seriously and welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our compassionate client care to you in a free initial consultation. We are confident you will see the Litco Law advantage and will choose one of our Edmonton personal injury lawyers to be by your side and on your side as you claim what you rightfully deserve.


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