Women’s History Month Spotlight: Marianne Litwiniuk

March is Women’s History Month and we’re honoured to celebrate Litco Law’s co-founder, Marianne Litwiniuk, an incredible businesswoman, mother of three children, and the driving force behind our firm. Marianne has been our rock since day one. Literally. Immigrating to Canada as a young girl, with only her clothes and a beloved doll, Marianne grew up knowing the importance of hard work and building your dream from the ground up.

From working fulltime to support her husband, Larry Litwiniuk, through law school AND building a successful accounting firm of her own, to founding Litco Law (formerly Litwiniuk & Company) way back in 1976, Marianne’s hard work and dedication is truly amazing. In the early days, Litwiniuk & Company consisted of a one-room office in Forest Lawn, Calgary and two staff members – Larry and Marianne. While Larry handled the legal work, Marianne took care of everything from answering phones to managing the office and handling the accounts. Their eldest children, Todd and Fred, often talk about those early days helping out at the office while their little sister, Holly, slept in Mom’s arms as she filed paperwork and balanced the books. (Can we just take a moment to say that we’re pretty sure she has actual superpowers, and also.. WOW!!) Marianne would continue to be a pivotal part of our firm for the next 30 years, and her impact is still felt to this day.

We truly wouldn’t be where we are today without Marianne’s incredible contribution to the firm, and her family. Thank you, Marianne, for being such an inspiration, and truly paving the way for the other amazing women in our firm to achieve success. Join us in celebrating just how awesome women are by sharing your stories of inspiring women in leadership!

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