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Liz Detmold

Manager, Administrative Services

Liz is a born and raised Calgarian. Before joining Litco Law as the Administrative Services Team Lead in 2022, she spent 14 years working for the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta as a leader in customer service and re-employment services. Liz is an avid world traveler (23 countries and counting!) and spends her free time in the circus world performing flying trapeze and aerial silks. Liz is also a lifelong Calgary Flames fan. Liz embraces the core value of 'Ask Why' through her focus on consistent improvement - she's always looking for ways to improve the experience for clients.

Phone: 587-391-1121
Email: [email protected]

Meriam Abader

Administrative Support Coach

Meriam was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta and has always proudly called Calgary her home. Meriam graduated from the University of Calgary with a double major in Law and Society and Sociology. She enjoys taking advantage of having the mountains in her backyard and spending any of her free time with her family and friends. Meriam demonstrates our core value of empathy by ensuring everyone she deals with feels heard, supported and most importantly respected.

Phone: 587-355-5840
Email: [email protected]

Christina Rotheisler

Client Experience Coach

Christina was born in Calgary. She is a graduate of Mount Royal University, completing a Bachelor of Business degree in Marketing. Christina is proud to have been a dance instructor and choreographer for 10 years and has gained experience in fields including fitness and automotive. She is passionate about music and loves traveling, working out, and watching football. Christina strives to embody our core value of Own It by being someone her clients and team members can depend on.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 587-430-3764

Taryn Dufresne

Administrative Support

Taryn is currently enrolled in the Legal Assistant Program at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. She enjoys golfing, outdoor activities, and learning new fitness training styles. Taryn embraces our core value of kindness by always ensuring everyone she meets feels comfortable and cared for.

Phone: 587-996-0779
Email: [email protected]

Raelynn Tkachuk

Administrative Support

Raelynn was born in Victoria, B.C., but grew up in Calgary. She recently graduated from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Arts in Law and Society with distinction. She will be studying for the LSAT this summer with the goal of attending law school in the near future. Prior to joining Litco Law, she spent several years in the hospitality industry. In her free time, Raelynn enjoys baking for her friends and family, hiking in the mountains, trying new coffee shops, and going on spontaneous road trips with her friends. Raelynn embraces the core value of Empathy as she strives to help friends and clients feel heard and validated.

Phone: 587-952-6160
Email: [email protected]

Manu Saran

Administrative Support

Manu was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta. She graduated with a Bachelor of Law from the University of Kent and is currently working on completing her NCA exams. In 2022, she worked as a real estate legal assistant. Manu enjoys all summer and winter outdoor activities, puzzling, and doing crafts. She embraces our core value of Don't Blame by taking ownership of mistakes when they happen, looking for ways to find preventative solutions rather than blaming others when something goes wrong.

Phone: 587-430-0878
Email: [email protected]

Nicole Robinson

Executive Assistant

Nicole moved from coast-to-coast as a child, before eventually attending high school in a small farm town on the Alberta/Saskatchewan border. Shortly following her graduation, Nicole packed up and moved to Calgary to pursue a combined BA in Political Science and Law and Society. When she isn’t working or getting caught up in her classes, you can find Nicole in one of two places: nose deep in a book, or outside. Nicole lives our core value Kindness by ensuring that every interaction she has is a notably positive one, as the even the shortest conversations can have a lasting impact.

Phone: 587-430-1581
Email: [email protected]

Alli Ifko

Litco Lounge Host (Calgary)

Allison was born in Calgary, Alberta, and raised on a ranch in the Foothills County of Alberta. She currently is in her final semester of the Legal Assistant diploma program at SAIT and plans to complete her diploma in May 2022. In her free time she enjoys weight lifting, horseback riding, hiking and taking her dog to the river in the summertime. One day she hopes to be able to visit Greece and Peru. Allison embraces our core values of empathy and kindness as she has a strong belief that everyone’s voice deserves to be heard and matters. Allison strives to create an environment where everyone feels encouraged and supported to voice their thoughts, feelings, and concerns so together we can conquer any difficulties that may arise.

Phone: 587-392-9281
Email: [email protected]

Nicole Wellis

Litco Lounge Host (Calgary)

Nicole was born and raised in Calgary but spent a couple of years in Whistler, B.C., before starting college. She completed a professional diploma in Human Services and spent the last 5 years supporting clients with special needs. She enjoys movies, baking, and spending time with family and friends. She hopes to expand her list of countries visited over the next few years with her husband and daughter. Nicole embraces our core value of Empathy and Kindness by ensuring that every interaction she has with someone makes them feel appreciated, heard, and safe. She's always looking for ways to make a person's day brighter.

Phone: 587-952-6349
Email: [email protected]

Rebecca Castillo

Litco Lounge Host (Edmonton)

Rebecca was born in the Philippines and came to Canada at an early age. Prior to Litco Law, Rebecca has had experience in working in medical administration as well as over 10 years in customer care. She started travelling at a very young age which grew a huge passion for exploring the world and learning about different cultures. During her spare time she enjoys snowboarding, watching movies and snacking. Most of all she loves spending time with her family and friends. Rebecca embraces our core value of Kindness and Empathy - she ensures she treats everyone with a smile and respect because we never truly know what battles people are facing in their lives.

Phone: 403-407-3129
Email: [email protected]

Jenna Propp

Litco Lounge Host (Red Deer)

Jenna joined Litco Law in November of 2022. She loves being outdoors and can be found spending her weekends birdwatching or camping. Her other pastimes include baking, reading, writing, and trying out new dinner recipes on her family and friends. Jenna embraces our core value of Ask Why by staying curious and always looking for an opportunity to learn something new.

Phone: 587-392-9273
Email: [email protected]

Rachelle Hucal

Litco Lounge Host (Lethbridge)

Rachelle was raised in the country just outside the small town of Bashaw and now lives in Lethbridge with her husband, daughter, and their Pomeranian. Prior to joining Litco Law, she graduated from Lethbridge College with a Diploma in Exercise Science and has worked in the fitness industry as a personal trainer and class instructor for almost 10 years. Rachelle enjoys being active and spending time outdoors, as well as staying in to enjoy a coffee and watch a movie with loved ones. Rachelle embraces our core values of Kindness and Empathy by taking the time to listen to others, show compassion, and help improve client experience in any way she can.

Phone: 587-441-4288
Email: [email protected]

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