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We’ve mentioned before that the team at Litwiniuk & Company has been named Top Injury Law Firm in Calgary – for the second time – by our clients and the folks at Top Choice Awards and Top Choice Magazine.

“The Top Choice Award™ is the “Mark of Excellence” worn by today’s leading businesses and professionals, representing the trust and loyalty that they have earned from the people they serve,” says Monica Couto, President of Top Choice Awards, Inc.

Litwiniuk Top Injury Lawyers - Top Choice Magazine

Since the awards were announced earlier this year we’ve been featured in a couple of company profiles in Top Choice Magazine’s Summer and Fall 2016 editions. We think they tell a great story about how our people at Litwiniuk & Company approach the work that they do on behalf of our clients. Here are some highlights:

We understand the profound impact that an injury accident has on a person’s life,” says Managing Partner, Todd Litwiniuk. “Before hiring us some of our injured clients describe feeling helpless or powerless, and that the average person has no chance of success against a huge corporation or government bureaucracy.”

“We do what we do because we believe in fairness, justice, and doing what’s right, states Litwiniuk. “We believe that a business must exist for a higher purpose than making money – our purpose is to help those who can’t help themselves navigate our complex legal system.”

Click to view both articles from Top Choice.

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