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Should I talk to my insurance company after my accident?

So you’ve been injured in a Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA). Your mind is probably racing with questions about what to do next, as you’re potentially faced with loss of ability to work, loss of a vehicle, endless paperwork, and conversations with insurance companies. We understand that these concerns can cause serious headaches… but the good news is, Litco Law can take care of the paperwork and the legal work, so you can take care of what matters most: yourself, your loved ones, and your health. And we can always offer free legal answers when you need it! Today, we’re diving into the client question, “Should I talk to my insurance company after my accident?”

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How Do I Settle My Own Personal Injury Claim? | Litwiniuk and Company

Most people injured in an accident deal directly with the insurance company of the person or company responsible for causing the accident and injury to settle the matter without a personal injury lawyer. We hate to see this happen, because it usually means that the injured person will end up with much less than they are entitled to.

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