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We’re back again with Litwiniuk & Company Core Value Champions – a showcase of five team members who inspire everyone with their commitment to exemplifying Litwiniuk & Company’s core values. Each of the five Core Value Champions have been nominated by their fellow team members for their positive impact on Litwiniuk & Company Personal Injury Lawyers. Please join us in celebrating these talented, dedicated individuals. Litwiniuk & Company Core Value Champions

Erin Noble: Champion of Own It

Administrative Services
Joined the team November 2017 Erin Noble is our Champion of Own It for Summer 2018. Never one to be siloed in her role, she is always willing to step up to the plate and lend a hand where she’s needed to make things around the firm run smoothly. Erin owns her work and is constantly looking for ways that she can make a difference for our team, whether that’s taking incoming client phone calls with skill and enthusiasm or looking for new efficiencies at work. A great example was when we asked for volunteers to undergo First Aid training. After jumping at the chance to learn something new and help make Litwiniuk & Company a safer place, she rocked the training and now acts as one of our First Aiders– even going so far as to volunteer on our Health & Safety committee! Thanks to Erin’s willingness to branch out from her defined role and her commitment to Owning It every day, Litwiniuk & Company is a more adaptable, well-rounded partner for our clients.

Sasha Zoorkan: Champion of Empathy

Case Manager
Joined the team April 2018 As Litwiniuk & Company’s Summer Champion of Empathy, Sasha is well-known for her ability to understand and sympathize with our clients’ unique problems and situations. When it comes to the clients she serves, every interaction is a chance to add value to their experience, and her actions go way beyond just words of comfort. A registered Social Worker, Sasha provides unparalleled service to clients by drawing on her past experiences to find the best possible solutions. Recently, Sasha put her skills to work for a number of clients, helping them resolve housing issues, access assistance programs for disability accommodations, and find resources for low income assistance. With her on the team, we here at Litwiniuk & Company personal injury lawyers are able to offer clients access to resources we couldn’t before, providing next-level care to people when they need help the most.

Jenna Trofin: Champion of Kindness

Administrative Services
Joined the team March 2018 Champions of Kindness radiate positive energy and make Litwiniuk & Company a more engaged, cheerful place to work. Jenna Trofin fits that bill perfectly. Though she’s a newer member of our team, Jenna has already made a splash around the firm with her friendliness and optimism. Never without a smile, she is quick to brighten the days of team members with her bright and lively attitude. When welcoming a brand-new set of team members this year, Jenna went out of her way to make them feel especially valued by making a point of getting to know them and including them in day-to-day activities. Thanks to her, team members and clients alike can’t help but be inspired by her infectious enthusiasm and compassion.

Antonio Corbo: Champion of Ask Why

Client Intake Specialist
Joined the team March 2018 Our Summer 2018 Champion of Ask Why is none other than Antonio Corbo. A passionate promoter of thinking outside the box, he is always willing to take a step back and search for a better way to get things done. You can always count on Antonio to come forward with process improvements to help us serve our clients better – a win for everyone. With the recent development of Litwiniuk University (our online training program), Antonio has taken an active role in planning the curriculum, promoting an atmosphere of inclusiveness by helping to tailor training to the diverse learning styles of the team. He made a point to research learning styles, send out surveys, and collect responses, all in an effort to maximize the value of the education we’re providing to the team. With his help, Litwiniuk & Company is well on its way to becoming a more versatile and effective team for our clients.

Ben McKiernan: Champion of Don’t Blame

Client Intake Specialist
Joined the team March 2018 As our Summer Champion of Don’t Blame, Ben McKiernan is a shining example of how to deal with unexpected problems. Never one to shift the blame to others, he is the first person to start working towards a solution and get the team back on track to success. A tactful and level-headed team member, Ben helps Litwiniuk & Company deal with issues quickly, efficiently, and without complaint. For example, after examining an internal metric, we asked Ben for his opinion on how the process could be improved. He zeroed in on the process itself, rather than blaming any team members in particular. This allowed us to move forward and rally behind a new process to better serve our personal injury clients.

Inspiring Attitudes

We believe in giving credit to team members who make an effort to make Litwiniuk & Company a better place for everyone. These Summer Core Value Champions have shown inspiring determination and drive every day, and we’d like to congratulate all of them for their awesome contributions to the team! Keep an eye out for our next Core Value Champions, where we’ll celebrate another 5 team members making their mark on Litwiniuk & Company Personal Injury Lawyers. You can check out our previous Core Value Champions here.

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