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Yes, we will soon be a paperless office, which means that our clients’ files – your files – will be completely electronic, and all correspondence that you receive from us will be sent by email.

Litwiniuk Green Program“Along with being more environmentally friendly, our clients will benefit by having their claims move along so much faster than with old paper files,” says Director of Business Development and Marketing, Fred Litwiniuk. “We’re looking forward to focusing all our attention on our clients’ needs rather than locating files and sending letters via the post.”

Effective mid-November 2016, all new files at Litwiniuk & Company’s 2 Calgary locations are 100% paperless. There are many good reasons behind our decision not to have paper files:
  1. Your claim moves forward faster. Electronic files make the process so much more efficient. Paper files cause delays: printing documents, filing and retrieving the file, only one person able to work on a file at a time – these things all create unnecessary delays in getting your claim done so you can get on with your life;
  2. It’s much more environmentally friendly. We don’t have to use printer ink or paper to print file materials, or envelopes to send letters. Letters don’t have to go on a truck to a sorting facility, and then on another truck to your home, burning fuel each trip. We can have a smaller office because we don’t need extra space to store paper files, which reduces our footprint and the resources we use to heat and cool our space;
  3. You get money back in your pocket, because it helps us keep our prices down. We don’t have to pay for extra space or extra people to handle paper files or fold and send letters, and we can pass the savings on to you;
  4. You get much more personal attention. Our team can access your electronic file instantly through our secure private network, wherever they are. They spend less time locating files, or printing and sending letters, which means more time spent on solving your legal issues and giving you the personal service you deserve.
  5. In the near future, you will be able to access your file anytime, anywhere. Electronic files will enable us to have a client portal where you can log on at anytime and find out what’s happening with your file in real time. Every update to the file is instant, so you’ll see what’s going on as it happens. The portal also enables you to upload important documents or photographs directly to your file, which your lawyer and legal assistant will have access to immediately. And with multiple backups of the digital file on our secure private network, you’ll never lose the data the way you might lose a piece of paper.
“If you do not have an email, our team would be happy to help you set one up,” adds Fred. “Our preferred provider is Gmail, by Google. Our system is easy to use, and because it’s accessed through a web browser, you don’t need any special software. All you need is a computer, tablet, or smartphone, and an internet connection.” We’re looking forward to our paperless experience and we know our clients will enjoy it too.

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