Team Member Spotlight: Erin Noble

Hello again! We’re back with a brand new Litco Law Spotlight, where we take a moment to gush about an incredible member of our team.

Erin Noble

Erin joined the team in November of 2017 and immediately hit the ground running. As a Records & Information Analyst and Records Team Coach, she draws on her impeccable organizational skills to research, transfer, and handle critical records with precision and speed.

One of the most exceptional things about Erin is her ability to see the small details and the big picture. On top of being an accomplished Records & Information Analyst, she’s managed to refine many of our overall records processes to find efficiencies and save valuable time. Thanks to her, our team has been able to resolve more Personal Injury cases, more often—which means we’re capable of serving more injured Albertans in their time of need.

Stepping Up

Team members love Erin for her thought-provoking discussions, kind heart, and willingness to go above-and-beyond. Whether she’s reaching out to a coworker who’s had a bad day, baking and delivering a custom gender-reveal cake to a team member, or engaging in friendly debate at the Litco Law Book Club, she always brings a level of passion and dedication that you can’t help but admire.

Erin’s great attitude extends far beyond her interactions with the team, though. In fact, she’s personally helped form and strengthen relationships with clinics and hospitals across the province, allowing Litco Law Personal Injury Lawyers to access files more quickly and easily than ever before. Plus, she volunteered to act as our main point of contact for Optimum Wellness and all WCB records, a role that comes with tons of extra responsibility and duties. Working with Erin, one thing is clear—if she can do something to help, she absolutely will.

Why Litco Law?

When asked about her favourite aspect of working at Litco Law Personal Injury Lawyers, Erin points to our caring, committed team.

In her words, “I love seeing the collaboration that happens when people truly care about what they are doing, and it never fails to make me smile when I see someone going above and beyond to make a client’s day or support a fellow team member.”

Fun facts!

  • Hobbies: When she isn’t rocking her role at our firm, Erin is likely reading, hiking, baking, or following her passion for theatre by attending shows, creating plays, and teaching the craft to others.
  • Proudest Achievement: One of the things that makes Erin most proud is obtaining her Basic Actor Combatant Certification, which allows her to perform fight scenes on stage!
  • Passion: Erin is driven by her love of the arts and passion for theatre. She believes that the magic of storytelling is a powerful catalyst for meaningful discussion and positive change in the world.

From all of us at Litco Law—thank you for all your hard work, Erin! We love your passion and dedication, and it’s a true pleasure to have you on our team.

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