Clint Suntjens

Clint Suntjens

Professional Background

Clint obtained his Bachelor of Laws from the University of Calgary in 1993. He was called to the Alberta Bar in 1994. His focus is Civil Litigation, with key areas of practice including Personal Injury, Insurance and Employment. Although not a member of the bar in provinces other than Alberta, Clint has extensive experience conducting lawsuits in British Columbia, Saskatchewan and other jurisdictions.

Clint’s legal expertise encompasses:

  • All types of Automobile and Personal Injury Accidents, including those causing catastrophic losses and fatalities

  • Insurance contract breaches

  • Wrongful dismissal and severance pay issues

  • Human rights violations against employees

  • Workplace harassment

His extensive advocacy experience includes:

  • Administrative Tribunals

  • The Provincial Court of Alberta (Family and Youth, Criminal, Civil and Traffic Divisions)

  • The Court Of King’s Bench of Alberta

  • The Supreme Court of British Columbia, as well as the Courts of King’s Bench of Saskatchewan and Manitoba

  • The Court of Appeal of Alberta

  • The Federal Court of Canada (Trial Division)

  • The Supreme Court of Canada

  • Judicial Dispute Resolution

  • Private Mediation

Personal Snapshot

Clint’s hobbies include various fitness activities and sports. He is also an accomplished martial artist with a fourth degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

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