Join us in celebrating our first-ever two-time Core Value Champion, Christina Rotheisler!

We believe in hiring the kindest, most caring, talented people and letting them shine. Every quarter, we nominate a team member who stands out as an incredible example of our core values of Own It, Empathy, Kindness, Ask Why, & Don’t Blame.  

This quarter’s winner received an outpouring of votes from our team. Not only is this award incredibly well-deserved, she’s also the first team member ever to win twice! Join us in celebrating our first quarterly Core Value Champion of 2023 – Christina Rotheisler.  

Christina Rotheisler

Client Experience Coach

Joined Litco Law in January 2021

Keep reading for a quick snapshot of the core values and to hear what Christina’s team members had to say.  

Own It – You make a difference by doing great things every single day, no matter how big or small, that make a positive impact on someone else. 

“Christina is so on top of things and instills so much confidence. She’s always so quick and accurate. Christina is a tremendous help when coordinating events or tasks.  ” 

“She’s absolutely outstanding. A team member who truly embodies every single one of our core values and owns the heck out of our client experience.” 

“Christina is just owning things up at the lounge and makes every single day up there spectacular for our clients. We are so lucky to have you!” 

Empathy – Walk the mile and take the extra step by understanding what someone is going through and doing something to help them. 

“I am blown away by her natural ability to take care of others.” 

“Christina goes out of her way to remember little things, to give positive words about our other team members” 

“Every interaction I have with Christina leaves me feeling better than before I had interacted with her. She leaves a smile on everyone’s face and goes the extra mile for the team and our clients.” 

Kindness – Help others feel great about themselves by genuinely caring, actively listening, and being sensitive to those around you. 

“Her focus and interest make me feel like I am the only person she has given time to in her day. She’s genuinely kind.” 

“It’s hard to imagine the lounge without her – she absolutely owns her role, contributes so much enthusiasm and great ideas, is always smiling, showing kindness, and doing a fantastic job.”  

“She lives the core value of kindness every single day not only with our clients but with our entire team.”  

Ask Why – Challenge the status quo by not being afraid to ask the tough questions in order to find ways to improve and grow as a company and as individuals. 

“Christina always asks the important questions and encourages her teammates to ask them too.” 

“She’s always looking for ways to improve processes to make things even better!” 

“If there’s an opportunity to make a positive change, no matter how big or small, Christina always looks for ways to create a better solution.” 

Don’t Blame – Point the finger at yourself  by holding yourself accountable to how you contributed to a situation and focus on finding a solution rather than laying blame. 

“Christina takes ownership of any circumstance. If something goes wrong, she’ll always help to resolve it rather than laying blame. She’s an incredible team player.” 

“Never one to blame, Christina always focuses on looking for ways to solve the problem.” 

“She brings so much kindness to every situation, including those where it might be tempting to blame the other person. Instead, she always wants to find a solution.” 

We’re incredibly grateful to Christina for being such an inspiration and gift to our team. Thanks for everything you do!  

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