Hoverboards for Christmas: Ho, Ho, Ho to No, No, No | Litwiniuk and Company

Like every child of the 80s, I loved Back to Future and I wanted a hoverboard. Alas, Back to the Future Day has come and gone and, despite some valiant efforts, I still don’t have my hoverboard.

But wait, what about those hoverboard self-balancing scooters that everyone’s talking about lately? Well they don’t hover, so let’s stop calling them hoverboards. Also, it turns out that some of them are super dangerous.

“Hold on”, you say. “ Of course they’re dangerous, but so are skate boards. You just have to be careful, and wear a helmet.” Well I hate to be the hoverboard Grinch but…

Actually, it turns out they’ve been catching on fire. That’s a different kind of danger altogether. So the US federal government is launching an investigation, UK retailers are removing them from shelves, and here in Canada even Santa Claus is having second thoughts about them. If you’re thinking of hoverboarding down the sidewalk or road here in Alberta, you could find yourself facing a hefty $270 fine; you’re better off grabbing a cab or Uber. And by the way, if you bought one as a gift, don’t plan on taking it with you on your flight home for Christmas.

None of this is likely to impact the popularity of these boards with kids however, especially with Bieber and other celebs having been spotted riding them. Unfortunately, it seems inevitable that there are going to be hoverboard accidents and fires, and injuries to go with them. When I first dreamt of a hoverboard so long ago, I certainly didn’t dream of the potential lawsuits that could go with them, McFly.

Did you have a hoverboard on your Christmas list? Are you disappointed in this news?

Fredric J.R. Litwiniuk obtained a Bachelor of Laws with Honours in 1998 from Cardiff University in Cardiff, Wales, in the United Kingdom. He is an active member of the Law Society of Alberta, and practices in the area of Civil Litigation. His advocacy experience includes the appearances, mediations, and trials at the Provincial Court (Civil, Criminal, and Family and Youth Divisions) and the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta. Fred is part of the Litwiniuk & Company Leadership Team. He is passionate about ensuring that Litwiniuk delivers a world-class experience to each and every client. Fred enjoys watching hockey, golfing, learning new languages, cooking, and reading nonfiction – especially business books. He is also an accomplished vocalist, songwriter, recording artist, and music producer.

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