Funny, because we think YOU’RE tops.

We’re so honoured to be nominated for the Top Choice Awards and for multiple categories, for the first time ever. You’re probably thinking, ‘Yep and I already voted for you,’ or ‘Top Choice Awards!? Go on…’

First, we want to congratulate the other nominees, (or nom noms for short). These nominations mean a lot because they’re not invented out of thin air, they come from the most important people on earth. You! Our clients, our cheerleaders. So, thank you! And if we could vote for you somehow, you know we would!

Second, if you haven’t voted, and you don’t know what this is, here goes. Super simple. The Top Choice Awards team collects and reviews the opinions of thousands of customers annually. Positive reviews and submissions are then reviewed to make sure they’re legit. Then, it’s voting time. And guess what? It’s not too late to vote for this year’s awards. Voting closes December 20, 2020.  

We’re proud to be nominated for the following categories, please click on the link to go ahead and vote!

Vote for the Top Choice Injury Law Firm of 2021 in Calgary

Vote for the Top Choice Real Estate Law Firm of 2021 in Calgary

Vote for the Top Choice Wills and Estates Law Firm of 2021 in Calgary

Vote for the Top Choice Employment Law of 2021 in Calgary

Vote All

And to thank you for voting, the Top Choice Awards will enter you into a draw for a chance to win 1 of 4 cash prizes of $500. We know you’d do it for free, but this is just some icing on the cake. Winners will be announced in January.

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