Danielle Dugal Spotlight

May 3, 2021

Culture isn’t just one aspect of the game, it is the game. Luckily, our Q2 Core Value Champion for 2021 is a total gamechanger! Knocking it out of the park this quarter is Danielle Dugal, a Client Care Specialist who truly brings the organization together. We pride ourselves on having a team of A-players at Litco Law, but Danielle continues to bring our core values to a whole new level of excellence. Keep reading to see what we mean!

Danielle Dugal

Danielle Dugal
Client Care Specialist
Joined Litco Law in 2019

Core Value: Own it
Owning It means craving accountability. At Litco Law, that translates to making a commitment to getting it done. Once you make the commitment, you find a way, seek criticism, and accept feedback as it’s given. It’s not easy, but it means you make a difference at the end of the day.

In her role as Client Care Specialist, Danielle is known to step up, take accountability, and follow through to ensure the best possible result. Always the first one to offer help, she is a champion of thinking outside the box and going the extra mile to own any task thrown her way! Described as someone who never backs down (even when faced with adversity), Danielle gets it done and then some. She’s even been said to occasionally read minds, knowing what her team needs without a word.

Core Value: Kindness
Kindness means we help those around us to feel great about themselves! At Litco Law, we are positive, we are grateful, and we appreciate the amazing people we work with— today and every day!

It’s one thing to be kind most of the time, but it’s another thing to be kind at every possible opportunity. A true team player, Danielle doesn’t hesitate to distribute the warm fuzzies to anyone in sight. Her colleagues describe her as someone who goes out of her way to be friendly. What’s more, her commitment to Tea Time meetings shows kindness in making new and experienced team members feel welcome. These weekly meetings were actually Danielle’s idea, as she wanted team members to be able to connect and support one another despite the COVID-19 pandemic. We appreciate her for being someone that makes everybody feel seen!

Core Value: Empathy
Empathy is the ability to sense other people’s emotions, coupled with the ability to imagine what someone else might be thinking or feeling. At Litco Law, that means knowing how much to share, how much to ask, and where to draw the line to ensure the team feels supported. It’s a delicate balance, but it means forming a sincere intention to reduce someone’s struggle.

They say the highest form of knowledge is empathy, which must make Danielle the most educated person on Earth! She is truly compassionate, using her speed and accuracy to help others with whatever problem they may be struggling with. We can’t say we’re too surprised by her empathetic ways, as she spent some years working with a local non-profit organization out of the good of her heart. However, she’s confirmed that Empathy is her favourite core value, saying, “It’s a necessary trait to do the work that we do. Our clients come to us because they’re going through a situation that they likely don’t know how to navigate. In Client Care, we’re in direct contact with our clients every day. By putting ourselves in their shoes or looking at things from their perspective, it allows us to help them get the best and most fair treatment and support needed.” And we love you for it, Danielle!

Core Value: Ask Why
Asking Why means digging deeper. Litco Law doesn’t believe in accepting the status quo; rather, we strive to challenge assumptions, to be open-minded to change, and to develop independence of thought. The only way to be better is to keep moving forward with fresh ideas!

Danielle embraces our core value of Ask Why by not only working to understand what we do, but also the reason behind why we do what we do. She consistently asks questions and encourages her teammates to ask them, too. Best of all? She always has an answer! Her teammates describe her as someone they can bounce ideas off of at any moment. The Client Care department, in particular, has truly benefitted from Danielle’s willingness to be that go-to “Ask Why” person!

Core Value: Don’t Blame
Don’t Blame means we point the finger at ourselves first. We never throw someone else under the bus, or walk away saying “not my problem.” Instead, we ask ourselves, “What is one thing we could have done, could do right now, or can do in the future to help?”
As someone who is always first to offer help and knowledge, Danielle never backs down from a difficult task. She believes highly in our Don’t Blame core value, never finding faults but instead finding solutions. Danielle extends herself beyond Client Care by refusing to make anyone feel “lesser than.” Instead, she demonstrates Don’t Blame on a daily basis by being supportive no matter what.

Thank you, Danielle, for stepping up every day! You are an inspiring display of Litco Law’s core values, and we all appreciate you so much for it.

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