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Mar 2, 2021

At Litco Law we want to share the love for our 65+ community. So, we thought a lot about how we, as a law firm, could contribute. We know a lot of people don’t really give that much thought to writing a Will until later in life. And we get it, life is busy.

With our 65+ WillTM you get all the same great features as our original Timeless WillTM, including all the changes you’ll ever need for free – but at half the price. Our 65+ WillTM costs a single flat rate fee of $350 (or $500 for you and your partner). We’ll just say it. That’s one smokin’ seniors discount!

At Litco Law, we don’t feel that a Will should be a huge added expense. We want to make Wills attainable, because it’s important that your loved ones and property are protected. (For those age 30 or younger, we also offer our Youthful WillTM.)

Your Will, Your Way.

On average, most people will revise their Will anywhere from 1 – 3 times in their lifetime. If you need to make minor changes to your Will most lawyers will draw up a Codicil, at a cost of $250 -$600 or more, to modify your Will. In many cases, Wills and Estates lawyers in Alberta will insist on creating a new Will for you altogether. This gets costly. And that is why we decided to make all our Wills life-proof.

At Litco Law all our Wills are timeless, meaning you get all the changes you’ll ever need forever, for free. You won’t have to worry about paying a lawyer to update your Will when you buy or sell a home, have another child or grandchild, or whatever comes your way as life changes and evolves. Want to learn more? We talk all things Timeless WillsTM here.

Whether you’re over 65 and looking for a Will, or know someone who might need one, we’re standing by ready to answer all your questions. Just give us a call or email, or send us a message in the chat!


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