Winter Core Value Champion

Dec 27, 2018

Welcome to our last Litwiniuk & Company Core Value Champion post of 2018. As we gear up to say hello to an exciting new year, it’s important to take a moment to look back and recognize the inspiring individuals who represent the core values of our firm. Thanks to these Core Value Champions, 2018 has been a year of growth and unity for Litwiniuk & Company Personal Injury Lawyers. It’s with this in mind that we celebrate winter’s Litwiniuk & Company Core Value Champion: Colin McKinnon!

Colin McKinnon - Litwiniuk & Company
Colin McKinnon
Barrister & Solicitor
Joined the team July 2015

Core Value: Own It 

Champions of Own It are constantly going beyond their defined role to provide support and mentorship to the people around them. As one of our talented lawyers, Colin has amassed a wealth of valuable knowledge over the course of his career, and he never hesitates to make time for sharing it with his fellow team members when the need arises. From hosting Ask Me Anything sessions to share his legal and life experiences, to leading Lunch & Learns on complicated and important topics, you can always count on Colin to go the extra mile and find an answer to any question — even if it isn’t specific to his job or one of his files. It’s this passion for teaching and expanding his skillset that makes Colin a great example of Owning It.

Core Value: Kindness 

Kindness goes a long way, and that goes double at an accident injury firm. We’re at our best when all members of our team feel comfortable, respected, and trusted, and Colin knows this well. Always quick to lighten the mood and put everyone at ease, Colin’s sense of humour, patience, and humility make him a beacon of positivity for Litwiniuk & Company. Whether the situation calls for one of his famous stories, a clever joke, or supportive advice, his ability to read the room shines through in every interaction with team members and clients alike. 

Core Value: Empathy

In personal injury law, Empathy is fundamental to delivering injured clients the best possible care after an accident. By having the ability to see from others’ perspectives and recognize the struggles that they face, we serve people holistically and effectively in their time of need. 

As a Champion of Empathy, Colin goes above and beyond the call of duty for each of the clients that he interacts with. Colin knows that the law can be extremely confusing and stressful for those unfamiliar with it, so he makes a point to explain complex topics to our clients in an easy-to-understand, straightforward way. As someone who is always ready to answer tough questions and reassure, he gives our clients peace of mind at a critical time — and that’s what matters most.

Core Value: Ask Why

As an accident injury firm, it’s vital that we don’t shy away from looking inward and making improvements to our own processes, because it doesn’t just help us; it ensures that our clients receive care more quickly and efficiently. If there’s a better way to do things, we owe it to our clients to take the steps needed to put it into action. When we’re honest with ourselves and Ask Why, positive change is set in motion. 

For Colin, every day is an opportunity for us to better ourselves as people, andas personal injury lawyers. Never one to hesitate in sharing ideas with the team, Colin cultivates an atmosphere of collaborative thinking and open dialogue from which we all benefit. With his years of experience in the field, he provides informed feedback and logical solutions to refine how we function as a firm, championing the value of Asking Why and providing a great example for all of us.

Core Value: Don’t Blame

Learning is a lifelong process, and mistakes are bound to happen along the way. Champions of Don’t Blame know that a big part of working as a cohesive and effective team means that when mistakes occur, pointing fingers is useless. It’s far more beneficial to everyone when we work together to find a solution and prevent further errors from being made. 

Colin lives the Don’t Blame core value by treating mistakes as teachable moments. Always available to answer questions and clarify complicated issues, he gives junior team members the tools to succeed, and the coaching they need to recover from an error. As our Champion of Don’t Blame, Colin’s patience and empathy with fellow team members helps us address problem areas and deficiencies in our operations, making sure that every mistake leads to more adept service for our personal injury clients.

Leading by Example 

When our team members uphold the values that our firm is built on, everyone wins. Thank you, Colin, for your hard work and dedication to making Litwiniuk & Company Personal Injury Lawyers an exceptional partner for our clients and a fulfilling place to work. Congratulations on being named our Winter Core Value Champion!

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