New Year’s Will Resolution

Jan 2, 2023

With our online fillable forms and virtual signing features, writing a Will can be one of the easiest things to check off your to-do list this year! If you have a family or own a home, writing a Will is important for protecting your loved ones and your property.

Your Will, your way.

A Will allows you to decide the important things, like who gets guardianship of your children and how your property will be distributed should you pass away. Without a Will, these things are decided by the courts. A Will saves your loved ones’ valuable time and money and ensures that your wishes are fulfilled.

You get a lawyer on the line!

Getting a lawyer to help you create your personalized Will just got a whole lot easier. All you’ll need to do is meet with a lawyer on the phone and the rest can be done from the comfort of your home (or wherever you happen to be). If technology isn’t your thing and you would prefer an in-person appointment, we can do that too! Virtual and in-person appointments with a Wills lawyer are usually about an hour, but we’ll always take as much time with you as you need.

What’s the process for writing my Will and how long will it take?

To get started, a Litco Law team member will ask you a few questions to get an idea of what you’re looking for. For instance, do you want an individual or partner Will? Are you needing an Enduring Power of Attorney or Personal Directive? If you’re not sure, we’ll explain what it all means, talk about pricing, and answer any questions you may have. Once you know how you want to proceed, we’ll send you a questionnaire to get you started! Your online fillable questionnaire will cover the following topics:

  • Family Information – this includes things like your marital status, children and their ages, and your occupation.
  • Personal Representatives and Guardians – this is where you will include any persons you wish to appoint for these roles.
  • Beneficiaries – this is where you specify how you want your estate distributed, for example:
    • Do you want everything to go to your spouse, children, or someone else?
    • Are there any special gifts or legacy items that you want to delegate?
    • If applicable, how much of your estate will go to paying the appointed guardian(s) for looking after your children or dependents?
    • Would you like to make arrangements in your Will for a pet?
  • Financial – this is where you will list any property you have, savings accounts, debts, loans, all bank accounts, pension plans, investments, etc.
  • Liabilities – this is where you will state whether you are insured, if you have a safety deposit box, and any requests you may have for funeral arrangements.
  • Directives – if you want an Enduring Power of Attorney or Personal Directive, this is where you will include the contact information of the people you have chosen for those roles; a space is also included here for any wishes you may have for organ donation.

This form can be completed in as little as 15 minutes, but you are welcome to take as much time as you need. We’re always a phone call away if you have any questions.

All the changes you ever need, for free!

At Litco Law, all our Wills are timeless which means you’ll never have to pay to update your Will when you have a new child, buy a new lake property, etc. While many lawyers will require you to pay for something called a Codicil, or write an entirely new Will, with our Timeless WillTM you are guaranteed all the changes you’ll ever need for free. You can also find our Wills pricing on our website here.

We’re your Calgary and Edmonton Wills lawyers.

Have questions about writing a Will with Litco Law? We’d be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Just give us a call, send us a message, or fill out our contact form online and we’ll reach out to you. We look forward to hearing from you!


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