Carissa Worrall Spotlight

Nov 25, 2019

When you have a team this great, you can’t help but show them off. Welcome back to another edition of the Litco Law Spotlight—a post devoted to showing our appreciation to an incredible Personal Injury team member!

Carissa Worrall

Carissa’s Litwiniuk journey started when she came aboard as one of our Client Intake Specialists in November of 2018. Quickly establishing herself as a reliable, knowledgeable team member, she became well-known and well-loved for her wonderful ability to keep cool in just about any situation. Whether it’s a client who’s buckling under the trauma and stress of their personal injury, or a fellow intake specialist dealing with a departmental emergency, Carissa treats them the same way—with patience and compassion.

Developing the Team

Kind. Attentive. Respectful. Hilarious. These are just some of the words that coworkers have used to describe Carissa as a team member at Litco Law Personal Injury Lawyers. These glowing reviews haven’t made her complacent, though—she’s still as passionate as ever about improving herself and the team.

In fact, Carissa has thus far helped organize three different Litwiniuk Lunch & Learn events, each geared toward streamlining and enhancing the service our accident injury lawyers provide to clients—especially those who are facing difficult challenges over-and-above their injury. She even visited a Compassionate Client Service seminar and shared her learnings with the wider team!

Why Litco Law?

When it comes to working at Litco Law Personal Injury Lawyers, Carissa’s favourite aspect is the people and the open-minded attitude we promote at the firm, where questions, advice, or a helping hand are always welcomed and appreciated.

As a Client Intake Specialist, she finds that providing relief to accident injury clients is the most rewarding facet of the role. In her words:

“I can often hear the weight being lifted off their shoulders in their voice, and I take pride in making their situation even a little bit easier.”

Fun Facts

  • Hobbies: She owns a massive DVD collection that she loves to pour through, but that doesn’t stop her from hitting the gym, hiking, swimming, or travelling!
  • Proudest Achievement: Carissa is most proud of her decision to make a change from her previous career in order to pursue her passion for psychology and helping others.
  • Passion: Driven by a strong sense of justice, Carissa finds purpose in understanding and helping those who can’t defend themselves.

Here’s to you, Carissa! We love seeing you succeed, and we’re excited to witness how your empathy and compassion will continue to transform Litco Law Personal Injury Lawyers.

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