Top Choice Award – Three-Peat

Feb 21, 2017

Litco Law – Top Choice AwardFor the third year in a row, Litco Law is the Top Personal Injury Law Firm in Calgary. Thanks to the votes of hundreds of happy, satisfied clients, the firm has once again captured the coveted Top Choice Award. The Top Choice organization helps companies improve customer satisfaction, and gives consumers the power to make educated choices about where they choose to spend their hard-earned money. When a business wins a Top Choice Award, it is a sign to potential customers that the business truly cares about providing outstanding customer service.

“What makes this award so special is that it is chosen by the most important judges – our clients,” says Fred Litwiniuk,

Director of Business Development and Marketing. “We believe that we provide the best client service of any injury law firm in Alberta, and it’s wonderful to know that our clients feel the same way.”

Since first winning the award in 2015, Litco Law has made some big changes. The firm has added many new team members, opened a second location in Calgary, and welcomed retired Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Mr. Virgil Moshansky as Counsel.

“Everything we do and every decision we make is with the client in mind,” says managing partner Todd Litwiniuk. “Before we do anything at Litco Law, the first question we ask ourselves is ‘How will this benefit our clients?’ If it doesn’t, we won’t do it. Winning this award is further proof to us that putting clients first is the key to our continued success.”

Litco Law is Alberta’s largest personal injury law firm. Since 1976 the firm has focused on personal injury law, serving clients in every corner of the province.

“One of our greatest strengths is our ability to listen,” says Fred Litwiniuk. “We are never content with the level of service we provide; we’re always striving to improve, to raise the bar. The way we do it is by actively seeking feedback from our clients. Not only do we ask clients how we’re doing, we take their suggestions for improvement and put them into action.”

“We owe our longevity to our client-first attitude. It is a privilege to serve them, and there’s no way we would be here after 41 years if we weren’t doing it right. Albertans are demanding, they have high standards, and when a business can’t meet those standards it won’t last. The Top Choice Award is another great way for us to see if we measure up. I’m honoured that, for the third year in a row, our clients are telling us that we do.”


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