Core Value Champion: Cameron Chenier

Feb 25, 2021

Hello again! We’re thrilled to introduce our Q1 Core Value Champion for 2021 – the one, the only Cameron Chenier, Software Developer extraordinaire. At Litco Law, we believe in hiring great people and then getting out of their way to let them shine. We want to take this moment to shout out Cam for his incredible enthusiasm and hard work, and being such a great example of our core values.

Without further ado, let’s talk Cam!

Cameron Chenier

Software Developer

Joined Litco Law in January 2020

Core Value: Own it
A champion of Owning It doesn’t just ‘get things done,’ they take things to the next level by generating great ideas and then giving it everything they’ve got to see those positive changes through.

In his role as a Software Developer, Cam is known to give “150% in everything he does” and the team is incredibly grateful for all his hard work behind the scenes to see some really monumental projects through to the finish line for 2021. We couldn’t have done it without Cam’s skill and incredible determination. The amazing work doesn’t stop there. In his spare time, Cam also manages our Culture Portal and handles all the development for our quarterly themes, he’s a Culture Champion AND he is part of ACTIVATE Squad as the Business and Technology Services (BATS) representative. We’re blown away by how Cam truly goes above and beyond in everything he does, not because he has to, but because he WANTS to!

Core Value: Kindness
Kindness is all about helping others feel great about themselves by being friendly, generous, and considerate. It’s not just about being nice, it’s about being a genuinely nice human; no blowing smoke!

Showing others kindness is without a doubt one of Cam’s superpowers. Whether you’re passing him in the office hallway or working closely together on a project, Cam always has such a positive mindset and is always owning it with a smile. His teammates describe him as “such a happy personality to have around” and someone who “definitely makes others feel great.” We’re so grateful for you!

Core Value: Empathy
Empathy is all about walking a mile in someone else’s shoes to understand what they are going through, but at Litco Law that’s not quite enough. Once you understand the feelings and the situation, you must do something to help the other person. That’s how we take empathy beyond compassion, and put it into action!

Whatever problem you might be dealing with, Cam is sure to be there to give his support and help in any way he can. He is understanding, considerate, and dedicated to coming up with real solutions that make a difference. Cam’s knowledge and expertise makes an incredible difference for our team, and our clients, as he bridges the gap between people and technology to make all our lives a whole lot easier. With over 15 years of software development and technical project management experience, he’s pretty darn good at it too!

Core Value: Ask Why
At Litco Law, Asking Why means digging deeper. Rather than just accepting the status quo, it’s important to step back and look at why things are done a certain way—because that’s how we grow and get better.

Asking why is crucial to moving forward. It helps us identify where we can improve and how we can better serve our clients. Cam is no stranger to asking why and, because of this, he has been at the heart and centre of some major innovations at Litco Law. We can’t thank him enough for his role in implementing the Avaya phone system and BATS portal, helping to streamline our communication abilities. Cam is always coming up with innovative ideas and never shies away from trying something different to make things better. Incredible things happen when we aren’t afraid to ask why!

Core Value: Don’t Blame
At Litco Law, we never throw someone else under the bus, or walk away from a mistake. Don’t Blame isn’t about preventing mistakes—it’s about how we handle them when they do happen. We hold ourselves accountable, and look at our own contribution to a situation.

As someone who continually tries new things and understands that successes often come with some setbacks, Cam believes highly in our Don’t Blame core value. When problems arise (as they often do within the world of Business and Technology Services), it’s so important to be able to take these challenges in stride without getting upset or criticizing others. Instead of blaming, Cam always asks what one thing is he could have done, could do right now, or can do in the future to help. We admire his patience and incredible team spirit!

Thank you for showing us what living our Core Values is all about!


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