Employee Spotlight: Litco & Company

Jul 16, 2020

Welcome to the latest edition of our Litco Law Spotlight. We’re excited to show off another one of our extraordinary Personal Injury team members and do a little humble bragging about what makes them so amazing.

Litco Law Spotlight: Joel Orellano

We’ve been proud to call Joel a team member at Litco Law since 2017. Joel is an exceptional financial analyst who has a sense of humour that keeps us all smiling. His teammates describe him as someone who pays great attention to detail and is always willing to help out wherever he can – even outside of his role. He’s one of those people who is simply great to be around.


As a financial analyst, it’s Joel’s job to find ways to save money for the firm, but he never stops there. He’s constantly looking for ways to save our clients’ money as well. During the COVID-19 lockdowns, Joel persuaded some major settlement lenders (companies that advance money to assist people during legal proceedings) to freeze the interest for some of our clients. This meant they didn’t have to worry about increased debt during the economic uncertainty of the lockdown. We’re proud of him for stepping up!


What does Joel enjoy the most about working at the firm? He told us he loves the value we bring to our clients. Being able to use his knowledge and experience to help people during hard times is something he finds very fulfilling. Working with different people and, in-turn, being able to see things from their perspective is a major highlight of the job for him. Joel is also a proud participant in the Litwiniuk & Co. book club, taking what he learns from his reading, and applying it to his life and career; from self-development to business strategies and client care.


Considering how hard Joel works for our Personal Injury team, you’d think he’d spend his time off relaxing; but instead he’s super active, hiking and snowshoeing whenever he gets the chance. If you were to ask him his greatest achievements, he’d first tell you about the 38 mountains (and counting!) that he’s hiked – but we’ve learned that, for him, nothing compares to marrying the love of his life!

Congratulations on all you’ve accomplished and thank you for everything you do for the firm and our clients, Joel. You’re a huge part of our amazing team, helping Albertans when they need it most.

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