Dog of the Month

Jul 8, 2014

LitwiniukLitco Law is proud to announce our newest collaboration in community with Pawsitive Match Rescue Foundation! In order to support the registered charity in their aim – to save dogs facing life-threatening circumstances in Canada, the United States, and Mexico – we will be presenting a Dog of the Month in need of adoption.

While we love our humans here at Litwiniuk & Co, we also love our furry little friends. So we searched for a local animal agency to align with in service, and align we did! We feel a kinship with our canine-loving counterparts because, like us: their organization began with the efforts of two individuals with big hearts, they aren’t afraid to take on the hard cases, and they stand up for those who need help getting their voice heard.

We look forward to helping dogs in need get the second chance they deserve, and it’s clear that Pawsitive Match is dedicated to that goal:

The dogs in our program come from shelters that have no choice but to euthanize due to over-crowding or because they are shutting down. We also help save dogs on local reserves and occasional owner surrenders. In many cases we are the only hope these dogs have, as many shelters come to us when they are out of options.
– The volunteers at Pawsitive Match

Pawsitive Match has facilitated over 3432 adoptions to date.

The Dog of the Month will be posted on our Facebook page
To find out more about Pawsitive Match Rescue Foundation, visit their website

Litco Law’s commitment to community is sustained through investments in people, in relationships, and the promise to make a difference in people’s lives.


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