Core Value Champion – Vanessa Raven

May 6, 2024

Meet Vanessa, the manager of our Business Applications and Technology (aka BATS) department, and an absolute superhero to our entire team! She’s an incredible leader and supportive team player. Leading by example, Vanessa lives our Core Values – Own It, Empathy, Kindness, Ask Why, & Don’t Blame – in everything she does each day. We’re incredibly grateful to have her on the team, and we’re thrilled to share some of the heartfelt words of appreciation that our team had to share. 

Vanessa Raven 

Manager, Business Applications and Technology 

Joined Litco Law in 2018 

“Vanessa is someone who demonstrates our core values day in and out, both with our internal team members and our external partners. I’ve had the privilege of working closely with Vanessa over the last few months and I can confidently say that Vanessa deserves this recognition. She would never ask for it, nor expect it, but she carries herself with kindness and empathy all the time. She always knows what questions to ask to get the info she needs and does so with kindness. She is also the first to step up if there’s something that needs to be done.” 

“Vanessa handles everything with calm and grace, but also a get-it-done attitude.” 

“Vanessa has kept the entire organization in the loop and has communicated with kindness and empathy by keeping a pulse on the team. She will Ask Why to challenge the status quo and ensure that every decision is in the best interest of the firm and our clients.” 

“I nominate Vanessa for OWNING it and being such a kind and excellent leader.” 

Our Core Values are at the heart of everything we do at Litco Law. We’re so proud to have a team that embodies these values every day.   

We’re deeply grateful to Vanessa for providing incredible leadership, empathy, support, and being such an inspiration to us all!  

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