Core Value Champion Part 1: Olivia Ebsary

Feb 3, 2021

As we wave goodbye to 2020, it’s time for our last Core Value Champion of the year—with a twist! There were so many outstanding performances this year, we’ve decided to give a well-deserved shoutout to TWO exceptional members of our personal injury team. In Part 1, we’ll be celebrating Olivia Ebsary for her amazing commitment to the core values of our firm.

Now, without further ado, let’s talk Olivia!

Olivia Ebsary 

Process Improvement Specialist

Joined Litco Law Personal Injury Lawyers in February 2015

Core Value: Own It 

Champions of Owning It don’t just get things done; they take a personal stake in the success of their work, going above and beyond to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

In her role as Process Improvement Specialist, Olivia proven time and time again that she’s willing to take on more responsibility to see a task through to the end. From playing an active role in our Culture Champions meetings and hosting amazing team events, to serving on our advisory committee and coordinating our Quarterly planning sessions, you can always count on Olivia to step up to the plate and knock her projects out of the park.

Core Value: Empathy 

Empathy has always and will always be central to our philosophy at Litco Law. In this business, we meet people at the lowest point of their lives as they deal with loss, fear, and uncertainty after an accident. To deliver the service and support that injured people need, it’s critical that we treat our clients and each other with respect, understanding, and compassion.

No matter what kind of problem you have, Olivia is sure to be there to give support and help however she can. Leveraging her extensive knowledge of the firm and a sympathetic attitude, she’s in a unique position to understand the intricacies and struggles of different roles—allowing her to jump in seamlessly to lend a hand or talk through the issue. With Olivia on the team, you’ve always got an understanding, considerate, and experienced advocate to depend on.

Core Value: Kindness 

This core value is all about being friendly, considerate, and caring to others—even when you have nothing to personally gain by doing so. When we make Kindness a priority, a law firm can become a family.

Always with a smile and a kind word, Olivia’s presence brings light, happiness, and comfort to everyone she meets—so much so, that we made her one of our Day 1 trainers for new team members! With a healthy dose of positive energy and infectious enthusiasm, Olivia’s actions and words show her love for the Litco Law team every day.

Core Value: Ask Why

We pride ourselves on the service and care that we provide to injured people across Alberta, but there’s always room for improvement—and Champions of Ask Why know that to become more efficient and effective, you have to think creatively and look inward.

Known by fellow team members as a “master problem-solver,” Olivia makes thinking outside the box look easy. Her work in our Business and Technology Services department sees her constantly on the hunt for new ways to improve our operations and better serve our clients using technology. If there’s a solution out there, you can bet that Olivia will find it!

Core Value: Don’t Blame 

Making mistakes is a part of human nature; it’s how we learn and get better for the next time. Likewise, the core value Don’t Blame isn’t about preventing mistakes—it’s about how we handle them when they do happen.

Olivia deals with constant moving parts in the Business and Technology Services world, and as such, she must think on her feet and act fast to solve problems. Rather than criticizing others or getting upset when something goes wrong, she takes a ‘can do’ approach and jumps into action to find a remedy. It’s this solution-oriented attitude that makes Olivia such a great Process Improvement Specialist—and our Champion of Don’t Blame.

Congratulations on being named as one of our Q4 Core Value Champions, Olivia! You represented the core values of our Personal Injury Firm like a champ, and we’re so proud of you. Keep it up!


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