Core Value Champion: Litco & Company

Jul 31, 2020

This year has brought many new challenges for the Litco Law Personal Injury team. Everyone has done an exceptional job stepping up to face them and we couldn’t be prouder. Today, we want to show our appreciation for another amazing Litco Core Values Champion – someone who brings our 5 core values to everything they do.

Ben McKiernan
Legal Services Lead
Joined Litco Law Personal Injury Lawyers in March 2018

Core Value: Own it

‘Owning it’ means when we take something on, we make it ours. We give it everything we’ve got and then some, to see it through.

Our Legal Services Lead, Ben, has been called – and we quote – “the master of this core value”. According to his teammates, he not only refuses to ever turn down a challenge, but he also regularly takes on extra projects. One such project was heading up the company’s full COVID-19 re-opening plan. After overseeing his responsibilities, he followed up on all other parts of the project and helped to present the plan to everyone at the firm, keeping us all on the same page. It’s safe to say, he’s truly been owning it.

Core Value: Empathy

Ben’s empathy for both coworkers and clients is impossible to miss. He always wants what is best for everyone, and it shows in the way he does his job. When working on a new project, he always gets as much input from teammates as possible before moving forward. Like the great leader he is, he genuinely cares about the strategy and action plan. Teammates say that he’s someone you feel comfortable reaching out to about anything – professional or personal.

Core Value: Kindness

Kindness is at the heart of our approach. It builds trust and stronger relationships between us, our clients and everyone we work with. As Legal Services Lead, Ben interacts with a lot of people on a daily basis and is always commended on kind and effective leadership. Here’s what one Litco teammate had to say:

“Ben has earned a ton of respect from his teams as a leader who will always have your back and support you, but will also push you and challenge you to grow.”

We also want to give him a shout out for always taking the time to express appreciation for his team’s efforts, once again being a consistent example of this core value.

Core Value: Ask Why

Asking why is crucial to moving forward. It helps us identify where we can improve and how we can better serve our clients. Ben is no stranger to asking why and, because of it, has been involved in some major innovations at Litwiniuk & Co. We can’t thank him enough for his work in creating the firm’s Records Department and helping them develop the ways they operate. The amazing work doesn’t stop there. He was also an instrumental part of launching our website’s chat feature, and content for our new services – Real Estate law and Wills & Estates. Big things happen when we aren’t afraid to ask why!

Core Value: Don’t Blame

We never play the blame game at Litco. Everyone on the team, and our clients, are all striving for the same common goal; and placing blame does nothing but slow progress.

Ben’s teammates recount times when they were struggling to solve a problem and reached out to him for help. The support was incredible as he worked through the issue with them; not once making them feel bad or doubt themselves. When we don’t blame, we function as a team and Ben continues to prove this every day.

Thanks for showing us what being a great leader and Core Values Champion is all about, Ben. Keep being you!

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