Core Value Champion: Jessica Cook

Aug 23, 2022

At Litco Law, our core values are a big deal. They’re the core of who we are and the code by which we live – guiding our behaviors, communication, decision making, and defining our character. Each quarter, we ask our team members to select an individual on the team that really stands out as a champion of these values.

This quarter, we are celebrating a member of our team who is a shining example of our core values, an absolute inspiration to the team, and an incredible person all around – Jessica Cook!

Jessica Cook

Manager, Legal Services & Client Care Specialists

Joined Litco Law in May 2016

Keep reading to find out about our core values, along with a few words from Jessica’s team members!

Own ItYou make a difference by doing great things every single day, no matter how big or small, that make a positive impact on someone else.

“Her drive, ownership, and care for the team was outstanding this quarter.”

“What a balancing act this quarter with so much on your plate. Thank you for being a pillar in our leads group as well!”

“Outstanding team lead who lives and breathes our core values, she welcomed me to the team and made me excited to be here.”

EmpathyWalk the mile and take the extra step by understanding what someone is going through and doing something to help them.

“Jess is very approachable and cares about everyone on her team.”

“Always has our backs, makes sure we’re taken care of, and challenges us to see the bigger picture when needed.”

“She pushes me out of my comfort zone and challenges me to be better.”

KindnessHelp others feel great about themselves by genuinely caring, actively listening, and being sensitive to those around you.

“Forever encouraging and lifting everyone up.”

“Her kindness and empathy towards the team is incomparable.”

“Jess’s energy and enthusiasm for Litco Law created the most incredible interview experience I’ve ever had.”

Ask WhyChallenge the status quo by not being afraid to ask the tough questions in order to find ways to improve and grow as a company and as individuals.

“She is always finding ways to make us more efficient without sacrificing client experience.”

“Never shies away from making tough decisions and is always open to feedback or coaching.”

“Has grown so much since I’ve known her – a great leader and team player.”

Don’t BlamePoint the finger at yourself by holding yourself accountable to how you contributed to a situation and focus on finding a solution rather than laying blame.

“She has a take-charge attitude and is always looking at the bigger picture.”

“If a problem requires a solution, Jess is not going to waste time pointing fingers. Rather, she is going to focus on how we can solve the problem and avoid it coming up again in the future.

“This kind of thinking is what keeps our departments running so smoothly and cohesively!”

We are very grateful to have Jess as such a great example of our core values. Thanks for everything you do!!

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