Core Value Champion: Erin Noble

Nov 3, 2021

It’s our extraordinary team of talented and genuinely caring people that make Litco Law a truly amazing place to work. How do we find these amazing individuals? It all starts with hiring people that already live our core values every day. We’re here today to celebrate a very special member of our team for her incredible kindness and desire to make a difference for our clients and team members alike. A true champion in everything she does, we present… Erin Noble!

Erin Noble
Records and Information Coach
Joined Litco Law in 2017.

“I love seeing the collaboration that happens when people truly care about what they are doing, and it never fails to make me smile when I see someone going above and beyond to make a client’s day or support a fellow team member.” – Erin

Own It – You Make a Difference
A champion of Owning It doesn’t just ‘get things done,’ they take things to the next level by doing great things every single day. It’s about being that person who always puts their hand up and looks for ways to make a difference, generates great ideas, and is ready to give it all they’ve got to see things through.

As our resident Records and Information Coach, Erin absolutely owns her role every single day. She’s incredibly organized and instrumental in ensuring that things run smoothly behind the scenes for each file. This quarter, Erin bravely took on the challenge of identifying processes to improve the team’s efficiency and save valuable time for the Records department. We’re so grateful to Erin for her dedication to our team, and our clients!

Kindness – Help Others Feel Great About Themselves
Kindness isn’t just about putting on a smile when someone walks through the door, it’s about being a genuinely nice human and wanting to make others feel wonderful about themselves. At its heart, kindness is about being sensitive to those around you and actively listening to what others have to say.

Whether she’s reaching out to a coworker who’s had a bad day or baking and delivering a custom gender-reveal cake to a team member, Erin always shows incredible kindness to everyone around her. If there is anything Erin can do to brighten someone’s day, you know she’s already thought of it. Basically, we need more people like Erin in the world. Thank you for always being so thoughtful and supportive!

Empathy – Walk the Mile and Take the Extra Step
It’s important to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes to understand what they are going through, but at Litco Law that’s not quite enough. Once you understand the feelings and the situation, you must do something to help the other person. That’s how we take empathy beyond compassion and put it into action!

When it comes to empathy, we’re pretty sure Erin wrote the book. It’s one of the qualities that makes her a natural coach for her team. Perceptive and always ready to listen, Erin is someone the team can always go to with anything. She’s described as “an incredible Coach, an incredible human…a great sounding board, and wonderful to work with.” We’re so grateful to Erin for genuinely caring so deeply for everyone around her!

Ask Why – Challenge the Status Quo
At Litco Law, Asking Why means digging deeper. Rather than just accepting the status quo, it’s important to step back and look at why things are done a certain way—because that’s how we grow and get better, and keep moving forward with fresh ideas!
It’s been said that the most dangerous phrase in the English language is “we’ve always done it this way.”

Asking why is wholeheartedly encouraged and celebrated here at Litco Law. Erin is no stranger to digging deeper into our processes and asking how the team can consistently improve. By addressing the challenges of her own department, the Records department is now running more smoothly and efficiently than ever!

Don’t Blame – Point the Finger at Yourself
At Litco Law, we never throw someone else under the bus, or walk away saying “that’s not my problem.” Don’t Blame isn’t about preventing mistakes—it’s about how we handle them when they do happen. It means we point the finger at ourselves first, and hold ourselves accountable by looking at our own contribution to a situation.

With so much to do and many moving parts in the Records department, it would be easy to point the finger at someone else when things go wrong. Rather than criticizing others or getting upset when things don’t go as planned, Erin focuses her energy on finding a solution. She’s described as someone “I can go to for anything knowing that she will never judge and always be willing to work through anything.” Thank you for inspiring all of us to be more gracious and less quick to lay blame when things don’t work out!

We are so grateful to Erin for showing us what our Core Values are really all about! Thank you for everything you do behind the scenes (and at center stage) that really makes such a great impact on our team and for our clients. We appreciate you!!


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