Core Value Champion – Allison Ifko

Nov 21, 2023

Meet Alli, our lovely Lounge Host and the winner of this quarter’s Core Value Champion award. She’s a joy to be around and radiates kindness and caring in everything she does. Alli is such a gift to our office and clients, and we’re lucky to have her on the team. We’re thrilled to be celebrating Alli as this quarter’s champion of our company Core Values – Own It, Empathy, Kindness, Ask Why, Don’t Blame. Keep reading to hear from the team about how Alli really shines in each of these values.

Allison Ifko
Lounge Host
Joined Litco Law in May 2022


Core Value – Own It: You make a difference by doing great things every single day, no matter how big or small, that make a positive impact on someone else.

“Alli is such a bright light at the front desk, always welcoming team members and our guests with a big smile. She always looks for ways to make a difference in some way, big or small, for each person she interacts with.”

“She constantly goes above and beyond to provide the highest level of service and experience for our clients.”

“Alli is very hard working and ever so thoughtful, and she always boosts team morale.”

Core Value – Empathy: Walk the mile and take the extra step by understanding what someone is going through and doing something to help them.

“She always goes out of her way to make others feel welcomed and appreciated.”

“Alli is a ray of sunshine in the office and Litco wouldn’t be the same without her.”

Core Value – Kindness: Help others feel great about themselves by genuinely caring, actively listening, and being sensitive to those around you.

“Alli is absolutely wonderful, she treats everyone with kindness and compassion.”

“Her kindness is unmatched!”

“She truly shows us what kindness and connection are all about.”

Core Value – Ask Why: Challenge the status quo by not being afraid to ask the tough questions in order to find ways to improve and grow as a company and as individuals.

“She is always looking for the why behind what we do and isn’t afraid to speak up and ask questions.”

“Alli brings innovative ideas to the table wherever she sees an opportunity to help the team or make our clients even happier.”

Core Value – Don’t Blame: Point the finger at yourself by holding yourself accountable to how you contributed to a situation and focus on finding a solution rather than laying blame.

“When things don’t go as planned, Alli holds herself accountable and finds actionable ways to resolve the situation and come up with solutions.”

“Alli is transparent with her communication and sees challenging situations as an opportunity to learn and grow. “

We’re so grateful to have Alli cheering us on and sharing her positivity with our team and clients alike!

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