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Jul 12, 2021

Urban Upgrade & NewInfills is a group of highly skilled, professional Realtors with comprehensive knowledge of Calgary’s marketplace, both new and resale. They list a variety of properties from luxury single-family residences to small condominiums and, no matter the price tag, each listing is given premium-level service and exposure. Quite simply, their marketing systems are the best in the business, and they have the results to prove it. Urban Upgrade works closely with buyers, whether purchasing their first property or their 100th. Their wealth of experience throughout the market allows us to advise our clients to protect their investments in both the short and the long term. The team prides itself on providing the utmost in quality service, with effective marketing, accurate market evaluations, and quality real estate advice. They strive to exceed client’s expectations through every step of the process.

Meet top Calgary Realtor: Zee Zebain

With over 20 years of real estate sales and marketing experience, Zee Zebain has been involved in hundreds of new home and condo project launches in Calgary, Alberta. He is an experienced Realtor with Urban Upgrade & NewInfills and knows how intense the market is in Calgary and how emotionally charged buying and selling can be. When handling your real estate needs, Zee’s top priorities are timing, coordination, execution, and a quick response time. Zee is passionate about new construction, urban upgrades, making a difference in the community, and keeping up to date on real estate trends.

We’re so grateful to have Zee share his professional knowledge with us so that we can share it with you! Keep reading to get the low down on Calgary’s best inner-city real estate spots, directly from Zee himself.

BOWNESS/MONTGOMERY – These are both great areas that you can get a tremendous amount of value. These neighbourhoods are located within walking or cycling distance of the Bow River and downtown, a short drive to the beautiful Rocky Mountains, and just minutes from the Foothills Hospital. Both communities offer walking trails, shopping, and many upcoming amenities. Based on Calgary’s market, I believe that these areas have the best long-term investment, as the land is currently cheaper and subsequently more affordable for the same luxury builds as you would find in pricier communities. While the area is not currently as hot as other communities, the price can be $150,000 cheaper.

COMMUNITIES JUST NORTH OF THE BOW RIVER – These are also hot real estate locations because the prices aren’t currently as high as Calgary’s SW, while still being very close to the downtown core. This is because there are considerably more land opportunities versus communities like Killarney and Altadore/Marda Loop. Ps. Marda Loop is technically not a community, but a shopping district. This goes the same for “Kensington,” which is a shopping district, but the community is actually Hillhurst.

KILLARNEY & GLENBROOK AREAS – These neighbourhoods offer great potential and, if you’ve lived in Calgary long enough, you’ll know that having a SW address can really trump a NW address. But with that said, prices in the SW are typically higher than the NW, but you do get what you pay for with better access to downtown.

Based on market trends and pricing, here are Zee’s top picks for inner-city communities:

South West, Calgary:

  1. Altadore / Garrison Woods
  2. Richmond (East Side)
  3. South Calgary
  4. North Glenmore Park (North Side)
  5. Richmond (West Side)
  6. Killarney
  7. Currie Barracks or Garrison Green
  8. Glenbrook / Glendale
  9. Spruce Cliff
  10. Shaganappi
  11. Rosscarrack (would not advise unless very far West)

North West/North East, Calgary – South of 16th Avenue NW/NE

  1. Hillhurst (a high number of medical professionals live here)
  2. West Hillhurst (a high number of medical professionals live here)
  3. Sunnyside
  4. Bridgeland
  5. Crescent Heights
  6. Parkdale (a high number of medical professionals live here)
  7. Renfrew
  8. Montgomery
  9. Bowness (only select streets)

North West/North East, Calgary – North of 16th Avenue NW/NE

  1. Banff Trail
  2. Mt. Pleasant
  3. Capitol Hill
  4. Tuxedo Park
  5. Winston Heights
  6. Highland Park

Keep in mind that certain streets within these communities will be more desirable than others, from a real estate standpoint. Your real estate agent will discuss this more in-depth with you.

NewInfills has created a great solution for lower-priced semi-detached homes in the inner city, by making them a bit smaller but still getting the same utility. These homes start around the $675,000 mark and are extremely well appointed with a double garage, 3 bedrooms up, and a fully finished basement. You can even choose to leave the basement undeveloped to save costs. We also have a show home in the inner-city due to spec homes selling within 30-60 days and 70% of homes being pre-sales.

Urban Upgrade & NewInfills offers more than your standard real estate service.

Urban Upgrade & NewInfills is the leading real estate company operating in Calgary’s increasingly competitive new infill sector. Their highly qualified and professional team members deliver the niche insight, strategic services, and partnership with Calgary’s custom home builders that are crucial to the success of your project in the city’s dynamic new infill marketplace. The team’s mission is to ensure that clients and partners both achieve and exceed their real estate development goals. NewInfills has in-depth knowledge and extensive experience of local trends, communities, and market conditions regarding new infills as they become available, in addition to upcoming infill projects in Calgary’s most popular inner-city neighbourhoods. Their realtors are fully committed to your best interests at every stage of the real estate process, providing the expertise designed to give you the exclusive edge.

“Don’t forget, if you find a home you like and an available inner-city lot, we do have builders that would buy the land on your behalf if you’re committed to building with them. This way, they’ll simply sell the attached side of the home— we’ve had great success with this in the past. Have questions about buying a home or selecting a lot for an infill? Visit our website to contact us, or go here to speak to me directly! You can also check out current listings here.

-Zee Zebian, Realtor – Urban Upgrade & NewInfills

Our caring team will make purchasing your home a breeze.

At Litco Law, we’ll take care of the legal work so you can focus on the fun side of things (like getting ready to move into your amazing new home!). We will work with your Realtor, your bank or mortgage lender, the Land Titles Office, surveyors, and anyone else involved in the process to make buying a home that much easier. Instead of handing you a lengthy to-do list, our team will take care of all the legal work associated with purchasing your home. Plus, we include disbursements in our pricing, which isn’t standard at many firms. It won’t cost you anything to speak to a lawyer and— if you do choose us— you’ll always know exactly what our services will cost before you proceed, so there aren’t any surprises.

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