Lawyer Breeya Engel: Behind the Mask

Mar 11, 2021

We’ve got another edition of Behind the Mask, this time featuring lawyer Breeya, aka Must Love Dogs and Legally Blonde. Topics discussed include Village Ice Cream (are you sensing a theme?), and references to the little-known Johansson vs. Witherspoon debate. Watch the video or read on to meet Breeya.

What was your first job?

My very first job was as a cashier at Safeway. I’m not sure if it shaped who I am today, but it’s a funny story because growing up, my dream job was actually to be a cashier. My parents would buy me little fake cashiers and whenever we would go to the mall or to the grocery store, they would sit me down at that scanner where you could scan items and price check. And that was my absolute favorite thing to do. So, when I actually became old enough to get a job, the first thing I did was to become a cashier. I worked as a cashier for a few years, and enjoyed it as a part time job in high school.

Why do you work in Personal Injury Law?

Because it has been so rewarding. I really enjoy what I do on a daily basis, in particular, the enjoyment comes from the client and at the end of a file, knowing that you have done something for them. Giving them something that they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to obtain on their own. The joy and the reward of seeing their happy faces and their relief. What happens from every closed file at the end is truly, I think, something special that not a lot of other people in the legal field get to experience. I think if I were to go to work in a different area of the law or at a different law firm, I wouldn’t get that same reward and that same feeling. And that’s definitely pushed me to stay here and to continue in this area and with Litco Law.

What has been a rewarding moment in your career?

One thing that comes to mind, several years ago, I had an amazing client who was going through a really, really hard time as she’d been in a fairly severe accident. We were obviously helping her deal with that. But she also had a young daughter who was terminally ill. She was in the hospital with her, I think, three to four times a week, just getting different treatments, making sure that she was taken care of. And obviously, it wasn’t a great prognosis for her. I got to meet her daughter a couple of times when she came into the office. When the file was eventually settled, I went to Toys R US and bought her daughter a whole bunch of toys that she could take home as a special little reward, so that her daughter got something too at the end of everything. It was a very special and touching moment together with that client and her daughter.

Tell us something that isn’t on your resume.

I’m a huge animal lover! Mostly dogs. I love dogs, I have a dog at home named Lola. She’s like a little teddy bear and she’s the cutest thing in the world. If I could, I would have probably five more dogs but my husband would kill me.

Rapid Fire Round

Coffee or tea. Coffee, probably number one.

Favourite ice cream place in Calgary? Definitely Village Ice Cream for the Salted Caramel.

One thing you’re bad at? Math.

What instrument would you play? I’m like the least musical person that there is, probably no one wants to hear me play an instrument, but if I were to choose one probably the piano or the guitar.

What language would you speak? Probably have to say, Italian, because it’s such a beautiful language.

Favourite movie? I’m just going to go with the cliché answer here and say Legally Blonde.

Who would play you in a movie of your life? You’d think the easy answer would be Reese Witherspoon, but I think maybe Scarlett Johansson instead.

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