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The words "spinal cord injury" can strike fear into the hearts of most of us. Images of paralysis and a lifetime in a wheelchair come to mind, and indeed the most severe quadriplegia may result in the loss of the ability to breathe, requiring assistance from a mechanical ventilator. Quadriplegia (tetraplegia) and paraplegia are more well-known results of a spinal cord injury (SCI), but there are many other lesser-known symptoms and effects including hemiplegia (paralysis of the arm, leg and trunk on the same side of the body), pain, loss of sensation, muscle spasm, loss of bowel or bladder control, and reduced sexual function and fertility.

Complete and Incomplete SCI Lawyers in Calgary

Spinal cord injuries are either complete or incomplete. A complete spinal cord injury causes a total loss of function below the injury.  For this reason, a complete SCI in the neck results in a loss of function of all limbs and the torso (quadriplegia/tetraplegia), while the same injury in the middle or lower back results in a loss of function of part of the torso and the legs (paraplegia). An incomplete SCI may result in pain to partial paralysis and anything in between. Unfortunately, medical advances in this area have been modest. Thanks to new rehabilitation techniques, a complete SCI may convert to an incomplete SCI, but whether the injury is complete or incomplete, the effect on quality of life is always significant.

The lawyers at Litco Law have comprehensive experience negotiating on behalf of clients who have suffered spinal cord injuries. We know there will be extensive costs for medical treatment and rehabilitation, wheelchairs or other mobility aids, and even home modifications. There may be lost employment and income, or inability to pursue a chosen career or interest. We connect with specialists in whatever field necessary to improve a client's quality of life and support their injury claim, including medical, psychiatric, vocational, or economic. Whatever extreme and unexpected changes may come, we work hard to get our clients the money, help, and support they need and deserve.

If you or someone you love has suffered a spinal cord injury, you can trust our firm with your claim. Our head office is in Calgary, but we serve clients across Alberta, and are available to meet you at your location, at your convenience. Contact us today and let us put our proven ability, know-how, and assets to work for you. The consultation is free, and we take no fee unless we win your claim.

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    IMPORTANT! If you agree to an insurance company’s settlement offer, you give up your legal right to pursue a personal injury claim. It is best to assess the full extent of your injuries and how they will affect your life before you accept an offer. Please note that you have a maximum of two years from the date of the accident to file an injury claim in Alberta.

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