What Is It Like to Be a Lawyer at Litco Law?

May 3, 2022

Our clients feel the difference that Litco Law makes. It’s kind and empathetic lawyers. A responsive legal team. Transparent pricing. An inviting office that is modern, comfortable, and feels just as welcoming as every interaction with our team. But what is it like to be a lawyer at Litco Law? We sat down with our legal team to learn more.

It’s a highly rewarding experience! – It is the tearful hugs and heartfelt thank-yous from clients. It’s the incredible feeling that comes from getting someone who has been injured the compensation they deserve. Our Alberta Personal Injury Lawyers have the opportunity to advocate for our clients, support them through a difficult time, and make a positive impact. And that extends to all our other services including Real Estate, Wills and Estates, Employment Law, and more. Whether we’re reducing someone’s to-do list and their stress when buying a home or preparing a TimelessWill™ that the client won’t have to pay to update down the road, we know we’re making a positive difference for our clients.

Happy clients, happy lawyers. – In the legal world, one of the top complaints people have is that their lawyer didn’t call them back. That’s why we came up with the 24/30 rule. At Litco Law, if a client calls us, we’ll always return their call within one business day, and our legal team will always reach out to clients every 30 days or less to update them on their file and answer any questions they might have. We also put a lot of emphasis on making our clients feel comfortable. For many people, lawyers are intimidating. Clients are blown away by how personable and professional our lawyers are in every interaction. It’s the little things, like greeting clients with their choice beverage from our LitCafé and communicating legal information in a way that’s easy to understand and never overly complicated.

Lawyers (and clients) get an entire team to support their case. – Litco Law supports our lawyers in taking care of our clients. Our Alberta Personal Injury Lawyers always have a Case Manager, Client Care Specialist, and Legal Assistant supporting every case. This is huge for our clients and lawyers. It means that we are able to provide the best possible legal care every time. All our lawyers (Real Estate, Wills & Estates, and Employment Law included) have additional support from the team. Litco Law has technologies in place like our client portal, digital signing, and virtual appointment options that help to simplify and improve efficiency for our lawyers and clients.

Mentorship opportunities. – We offer many formal and informal mentorship opportunities for our Students-at-Law and new lawyers. No lawyer at Litco Law is an island to themselves. Our senior lawyers make time to share their knowledge and expertise, encouraging those who are learning to ask questions. Our lead lawyer runs a litigation support group for articling students and new lawyers. This is a great opportunity for our newbie lawyers to ask questions, discuss what they are working on, and work collaboratively. The atmosphere on the legal team is one that is incredibly helpful, collegial, and supportive. And that reflects in the high level of service our lawyers provide to clients.

We only hire people who are empathetic. – Litco Law’s People and Culture team recruit and hire lawyers who align with our core values of Own It, Empathy, Kindness, Ask Why, and Don’t Blame. In particular, we look for talented individuals who lead with a caring attitude, want to help others, and make a positive difference. If a legal candidate has the skills but lacks empathy, we will not consider them for that role. Our lawyers must be able to handle sensitive situations with tact and compassion. And the same goes for our entire team, not just our lawyers. This makes all the difference for team members and our clients.

We never bill by the hour. – Whether a file is worth $5,000 or 5 million, our lawyers always provide the save level of care, service, and attentiveness. There’s an underlying worry for many people about being taken advantage of by lawyers. At Litco Law, we are committed to making a positive difference for our clients. What does this mean in practice? It means fair and transparent fees, being generous with our time, and always being respectful of our clients. As a result, clients know that we have their best interest at heart and that we are truly there for them.

We hope you enjoyed this behind-the-scenes glimpse into what it is like to be a lawyer at Litco Law. Stay tuned for upcoming posts where you’ll get to meet individual members of our legal team!

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