Core Value Champion: Sid Rafizada

Oct 8, 2019

As another great quarter draws to a close at Litco Law Personal Injury Lawyers, it’s the perfect time to show our appreciation to one of the team members who made it all possible. Our Core Value Champions are nominated by their peers for showing incredible commitment to the values that this firm was built on. With that said, meet Sid Rafizada—our Q3 Core Value Champion!

Sid Rafizada
Sid Rafizada
Client Care Specialist
Joined Litco Law Personal Injury Lawyers in October 2018

Core Value: Own It

Those who Own It go beyond their given role, taking on extra responsibilities for fellow team members to ensure a task is successful from start to finish.

Described by his peers as “the ultimate go-to guy,” Sid has earned a reputation for not only staying on top of his own work, but also lending a much-needed hand wherever he can. From cross-training in accounting tasks to solving complex issues with fellow team members, Sid shows extraordinary dedication to his role and the work we do here at our accident injury firm.

Core Value: Kindness

Kindness goes a long way in any workplace, but it’s especially important for personal injury lawyers. When we treat each other with respect and patience, we become a more solid team—and more effective advocates for our accident injury clients.

Being a strong believer in the power of Kindness, Sid makes a point to share his optimistic attitude with everyone he meets. Team members and accident injury clients alike appreciate his innate ability to make the people around him feel comfortable and important. Thanks to Sid’s great interpersonal skills and genuine good nature, he easily stands out as our champion of Kindness.

Core Value: Empathy

As accident injury lawyers, we serve clients during an incredibly difficult time in their lives. A champion of Empathy sees and appreciates the struggles that others are facing and delivers service to fit their unique situations.

Sid’s attentive, personable demeanor does wonders for the peace-of-mind of our accident injury clients, but his sense of Empathy goes even further than that. By playing an active role in training members of his department, he instills the value of compassion in the team and helps us provide better care to our injured clients.

Core Value: Don’t Blame

People who Don’t Blame always focus their efforts on solving issues, rather than spending their energy pointing fingers. Mistakes lead to improvement—and that’s why upon encountering an issue, Sid will work hard to help us find a solution and turn the situation into a learning moment. This way, similar problems will be less likely to arise in the future, and we all become stronger for the experience. 

Core Value: Ask Why

At Litco Law Personal Injury Lawyers, Asking Why means knowing that even great processes can be improved for the benefit of our accident injury clients.

Sid is our champion of Ask Why due to his next-level attention to detail. He’s able to notice potential problems that others often miss—picking up any slack long before it becomes an issue. Not to mention, Sid actively widens his skillset through education, which gives him the knowledge to make his coworker’s lives easier and refine our day-to-day operations.

Let’s hear it for Sid! The title of Litco Law’s Q3 Core Value Champion is well-earned. Thank you for all the hard work, determination, and kindness that you bring to our firm every day—we all appreciate it!

Keep an eye out for our final Core Value Champion of the 2019, coming this winter. In the meantime, why not check out our previous post and meet another exceptional Litco Law team member?


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