Q4 Core Value Champion: Laura Bell

Jan 6, 2020

2019 has come and gone, but we can’t end the year without acknowledging the contributions of one particular team member at Litco Law Personal Injury Lawyers. Our Q4 Core Value Champion is none other than Laura Bell! Read on and learn how Laura’s dedication to the values of our firm has helped make this year so outstanding for all of us.

Laura Bell

Laura Bell
Case Manager
Joined Litco Law Personal Injury Lawyers in October 2018

Core Value: Own It

Owning It is a virtue that we take seriously as accident injury lawyers—because when a person’s future is on the line, sometimes you must go above and beyond your given role to provide the care they need.

Since her start at Litco Law Personal Injury Lawyers, Laura has been admired for her eagerness to take on extra responsibility to make sure things run smoothly.Whether she’s representing our accident injury firm at the Insurance Institute CIP Convocation, lending a much-needed hand to another team member, or delivering next-level service to a client, one thing is clear—if it’s in Laura’s power to make a difference, you can be confident that she will do so.

Core Value: Kindness

A truly effective team is built on a foundation of mutual respect and kindness, and Laura has these in spades. Known throughout the office as an incredibly warm-hearted individual, her positive attitude and infectious smile uplift and reassure everyone she meets—even in difficult situations.

On one particular occasion, Laura was working with a client who was struggling with the claims process for reimbursement and out of pocket expenses. Understanding the impact this had on her client, she took the time to have an in-depth conversation, explaining the process in full, and providing them with additional resources to help them continue on with their day to day life.

Core Value: Empathy

Empathy drives every action we take at Litco Law Personal Injury Lawyers, because being able to understand our clients’ fears, struggles, and challenges helps us better serve them in their time of need. When it comes to working with the injured, Laura doesn’t just hear what they have to say—she listens. Once, she handled the case of someone who had just lost their partner to an accident, leaving them as the sole caregiver for a disabled ward. The client understandably broke down due to the intense pressure and sadness of the situation. Upon seeing this, Laura made the effort to talk through the pain and loss that they were experiencing, ensuring that they felt supported and cared for every step of the way.

Core Value: Ask Why

At our accident injury firm, “rocking the boat” isn’t just accepted—it’s actively encouraged, since asking why often leads to better outcomes for our injured clients. Time and time again, Laura has proven that she’s not afraid to ask hard questions on behalf of her clients.

A great example of this value in action was when Laura was serving a client who had been denied all Section B coverage for their injuries. She not only personally handled the situation by calling the adjuster, but even went as far as to escalate the complaint, which lead to her injured client being paid in full for all past payments that were previously denied, along with approval for future benefits.

Core Value: Don’t Blame

Mistakes and challenges are bound to occur in any industry, but blaming others only wastes valuable time that could be spent on finding a solution. Anytime Laura is faced with an unforeseen issue, her first instinct is to deal with it head-on. While conducting a phone consultation from home, for example, she experienced a malfunction in the app our firm uses. Rather than postponing the call, Laura immediately found a workaround so the client wouldn’t be left waiting for answers at a critical time. Afterwards, she passed the solution on to the wider team so they could quickly fix the problem if it happened again. This quick-thinking prevented a potential disaster and left our firm better prepared for the future.

Congratulations on earning the title of Litiwniuk & Company’s Q4 Core Value Champion, Laura! Your determination, great energy, and compassion have been a big part of what made 2019 special—and we can’t wait to see what 2020 holds!

Stay tuned for our next Core Value Champion post, coming in the new year! While you’re here, though, why not check out our previous post?


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