Brittany Laan Spotlight

Mar 30, 2020

As our first quarter of 2020 draws to a close, we’re back again to give a huge shoutout to an outstanding Personal injury team member! That’s right, it’s time for another post in our Litwiniuk & Company Spotlight series. Without further delay, meet an incredible Case Manager who’s making a big difference at our accident injury firm!

Brittany Laan

Brittney Laan

Brittney Laan’s history with Litwiniuk & Company began in 2017, when she was brought on as one of the first members of our Case Manager team. In no time at all, her excellent work ethic and compassionate attitude earned her a reputation as a dedicated advocate for injured clients and team members alike.

For Brittney, going above and beyond is a way of life. In addition to deftly completing her own tasks and exceeding her targets, she still finds the time to support and coach her fellow coworkers. In fact, she recently helped Litwiniuk & Company Personal Injury Lawyers develop a Terminology Training Lesson to equip our team with a deep understanding of the complexities of insurance lingo. Thanks to the lesson, we’re able to comprehensively explain these intricate concepts to injured clients, which does wonders for their peace-of-mind in such a difficult time.

She was also selected as the Case Manager representative for the ACTIVATE Squad—Litwiniuk & Company’s advisory committee for all things related to process and strategy. Brittney plays an integral role in concert with other department representatives to develop efficiencies and innovate our workflow, leading to an even better experience for our injured clients.

Fighting for What’s Right.

Brittney’s passion and determination shine through with every case she handles. Injured clients recognize her as a kind, attentive resource for their questions and concerns, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t willing to fight if they aren’t being treated fairly by insurance companies. She will frequently and tenaciously speak directly with Section B Adjustors, persuading them to give injured clients all of the disability benefits and coverage that they’re entitled to—and often more. With Brittney on their side, our clients know that they’re getting the best possible care, every step of the way.

Why Litwiniuk & Company?

For Brittney, being a part of Litwiniuk & Company means the freedom to grow as a person and as a Case Manager. She loves that all members of our team sincerely want each other to succeed, and working side-by-side with such supportive, respectful individuals makes every day rewarding and enjoyable.

In her role as Case Manager, Brittney feels most fulfilled when she can make an injured client smile by listening, helping, and putting their minds at ease.

Fun Facts

  • Hobbies: When she isn’t serving our accident injury clients, Brittney is hitting the slopes on her snowboard, working on her Lagree Fitness, or taking a trip to an exciting new place.
  • Proudest Achievement: Purchasing her first house at age 20 through smart saving and hard work fills Brittney with a sense of pride.
  • Passion: Brittney adores being able to experience different cultures and locales through travel.

Let’s hear it for Brittney! On behalf of our clients and the whole personal injury team, we want to thank you for your tireless efforts and admirable spirit. Keep it up!

That wraps up the Q1 Litwiniuk & Company Spotlight! Tune in next time to meet another inspiring individual from our accident injury firm.


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