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Apr 18, 2022

Have you ever wished there was a way to see what’s happening with your injury claim in real-time? So did we. In 2022, Litco Law rolled out a brand-new Client Portal service that’s been years in the making. The portal is a place where clients can see what is happening with their case – anytime from anywhere, with the click of a button.

In just a few short months of making this feature available, we’ve received overwhelmingly positive feedback. It’s been a total gamechanger for our clients, and a ground-breaking new technology for law firms. Now, clients can upload their receipts and update their information easily from their mobile device. No more having to go into the office just to drop off receipts from medical appointments (unless, of course, you want to!). Clients will find information about what stage their claim is in, what they’ll need to do in this stage, and what they can expect as their injury claim progresses. And that’s just a few of the many resources this innovative new service has to offer!

Here’s what clients will find in their personalized Client Portal:

  • Case Status: Find out what stage your claim is at and what that means for you.
  • Resources: Access helpful information about your case, legal resources, and more.
  • Team Introduction: Get to know the team members that will be working hard on your file.
  • Receipt Management: Easily upload receipts for medical expenses such as physiotherapy, chiropractic, medication, and more.
  • Profile Management: Keep your personal information up to date, ensuring your legal team always has the most current details for your case.
  • Litco Plus: Learn more about our other areas of law and how we can help you when you need it.

All clients need to do is sign in and they can access details about their claim right then and there. And if a client has questions for their legal team, they will be able to see exactly who is working on their file in the Client Portal and which team member to contact with their question.

We know that our injury clients are usually coming to us during a difficult and stressful time in their lives. For many, the thought of visiting a lawyer or filing a Personal Injury claim can add to that stress. At Litco Law, we want to make our clients’ lives easier, not harder. We’re here to get people who have been injured the compensation they deserve. And we want to make the process as simple and stress-free as possible so that our clients can focus on their healing and recovery. Our Client Portal is just one of the many ways we offer our support.

Litco Law has been helping Albertans get the compensation they deserve since 1976, and we’ve been voted Calgary’s Top Personal Injury Law firm for 8 years running. We provide legal services including Personal Injury, Real Estate, Wills and Estates, and Employment Law across Alberta, with two head offices in Calgary and Edmonton.

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    IMPORTANT! If you agree to an insurance company’s settlement offer, you give up your legal right to pursue a personal injury claim. It is best to assess the full extent of your injuries and how they will affect your life before you accept an offer. Please note that you have a maximum of two years from the date of the accident to file an injury claim in Alberta.

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