Shahan Wanigasekera Spotlight

May 8, 2018

Welcome back to another Litco Law Spotlight, where we take the time to celebrate the accomplishments of extraordinary members of our team!
Litco Law - Shahan Wanigasekera

Shahan Wanigasekera

Since his first day in September of 2017, Shahan Wanigasekera has been thriving in the Client Intake department. As a Client Intake Specialist, he’s one of the first points of contact for many prospective personal injury clients before they meet with our lawyers. Shahan’s tireless empathy, friendliness and approachability shine through as he goes the extra mile to provide comfort and a sense of security to prospective clients going through a difficult time.
Shahan’s insatiable curiosity is one of his greatest assets. Facing every challenge with an open mind, he is constantly on the hunt for new knowledge and skills to complement his abilities and help Litco Law serve our clients better. From gaining insight by shadowing other departments, to taking insurance courses to provide informed advice and information to accident injury clients, to developing new training and onboarding processes, Shahan’s eagerness to extend himself beyond his official role makes him a driving force for positivity and efficiency in the workplace.
At Litco Law, we believe in rewarding individual development and promoting from within. Thanks to the enthusiastic, compassionate, and skilled care that Shahan provides to each and every client he works with, we’re proud to announce that he will soon be transitioning into a Case Manager role. This will provide Shahan with even more chances to make a difference as he works one-on-one with clients, guiding them through the life of their file!

Team Player

Being considerate and supportive are second nature to Shahan. Always willing to help out, he works cheerfully to collaborate with other departments and walk coworkers through new processes. You can always count on Shahan’s ability to bring fresh ideas and new perspectives to the table!

Why Litco Law?

The numerous opportunities to pursue professional growth and development are what makes Litco Law special for Shahan. Whether it’s the ability to seek compensated education, being able to participate in company book clubs, or being encouraged to improve processes and develop his own ideas, Shahan always feels empowered to make a positive impact on the company and the lives of personal injury clients.

Fun Facts

  1. Hobbies: Health and fitness, nutrition, and learning how to cook.
  2. Proudest Professional Achievement: Developing new procedures and processes to make the Client Intake department even more convenient and effective for prospective clients.
  3. Passion: Learning and reading every day.

Way to go, Shahan! We’re excited to see you continue to learn and grow. Be on the lookout for future Litco Law Spotlights so you can stay up to date on other superstars who make Litco Law such a great place for personal injury clients and team members.


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