Monique Rivington Spotlight

Aug 9, 2018

It’s that time again! We’re showcasing another Litco Law team member who is making a splash at our firm with their enthusiasm, work ethic, and contributions to our culture.

Monique Rivington

After getting her start at Litco Law in Admin Services in October of 2017, Monique quickly became a go-to resource for new ideas and game-changing improvements to our processes. Known affectionately as the “Ideas Machine” by her colleagues, she’s gained a reputation for being a dependable, supportive team member who’s always ready with a creative solution to any problems that arise.

As one of our Culture Champions, Monique helps make every day friendlier and more efficient than the last by taking part in the organization and running of our cultural events – even going as far as taking time from her busy day to secure event supplies. To her, embodying Litco Law’s Core Values seems to come easily, and it shows through in her great attitude and thoughtful actions.

Always Improving

Never one to stand still, Monique has consistently shown her drive to learn, grow, and improve. Once, upon noticing that the Accounting team had their hands full with the settlement process, she took it upon herself to cross-train and learn how to complete discontinuance and payables. This freed up the Accounting team, allowing them to meet with more injured clients and provide settlement funds earlier. This is just one great example of how Litco Law has been made better through Monique’s help.

Monique’s commitment to improvement extends beyond just herself. As a constant source of inspiration, she empowers her fellow team members to try new things and reach their personal goals. In fact, Monique founded the Litwiniuk Running Club last year, signed up with a group for the Dashing Through the Glow 5K last November, and took part in our X Warrior Challenge team this past May. There seems to be no end to her enthusiasm for team-building and personal development.

Why Litco Law?

For Monique, what really sets Litco Law apart is the friendly and accepting environment that we share. She notes that the Litco Law Boot Camp is especially enjoyable, as it allows her to spend time and connect with other members of the team outside of work, all while staying active.

Fun Facts

  1. Hobbies: Hiking, biking, working out with friends, and generally staying active.
  2. Proudest Achievement: “Raising a daughter who is way smarter than me. She just accepted a university spot at MRU for a 4-year Communications degree and I’m so proud of her.”
  3. Passion: Spending quality time with friends, family, and especially, her kids.

Congratulations, Monique! We’re delighted by your accomplishments, and we can’t wait to see what you do next. Keep an eye on our blog for the next Litco Law Spotlight, where we’ll show off another Litco Law team member who epitomizes our Core Values and helps us serve our personal injury clients even better.


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