Litco Law’s Core Value Champions

Apr 23, 2018

Litco Law was founded on 5 core values created to ensure that we provide outstanding support to each and every personal injury client and hold ourselves to the highest possible standard. When our team members make it their mission to embody these values, they’re making a huge difference for the firm and for the accident injury clients we fight for. With that in mind, we want to recognize 5 Litco Law team members who have each been nominated by the wider team for being shining examples of the core values we strive for every day.

Ashley Uhryn: Champion of Own It

Administrative Services

Litco Law - Ashley Uhryn
Joined the team Nov 2017
This core value is all about using your own potential to make a difference. When an issue arises, people who Own It don’t wait for someone else to find a solution; they lead the charge and “get their hands dirty” to solve problems.
Ashley Uhryn embodies the value of Own It through her devotion to going the extra mile for our team. Never passing up an opportunity to learn and grow, she is quick to jump in and help the Legal Assistants and other departments whenever they face a challenge. She once saw that our Legal Assistants were overwhelmed with new files, so she took it upon herself to seek additional file-management training to carry some of the weight – even staying late and coming in early to balance helping other departments and completing her own work.
Ashley’s problem-solving skills help make Litco Law a more empowered, capable team who always delivers for our clients.

Brenda Bell: Champion of Empathy

Case Manager

Litco Law - Brenda Bell
Joined the team Oct 2017
Empathy is walking a mile in someone else’s shoes, which is vital in giving personal injury clients the genuine support and care they need. People who practice Empathy are able to experience the world through another’s eyes, giving them unique perspective on how to provide the best care.
Brenda Bell lives by the value of Empathy, consistently showing her talent for listening and caring deeply for the accident injury clients she serves. She goes above and beyond every day to make sure clients feel secure and comfortable, approaching every case with an adaptable and accommodating attitude. A great example was when one of our clients was having an issue with their insurance company over a property damage claim. Brenda went outside of her normal job responsibilities to follow up with the adjuster and the supervisor, before taking it up the chain to a higher-level executive. This ensured that our client received a cheque for the value of the vehicle and a rental agreement extension.
Brenda’s Empathy demonstrates Litco Law’s passion for getting our clients the help they need.

Susan Thai: Champion of Kindness

Legal Assistant

Litco Law - Susan Thai
Just celebrated her 4 year anniversary with the firm.
Kindness is an effort to make people feel great about themselves through everyday actions and words, taking the time to improve the lives of others without expecting anything in return. When a person radiates Kindness, everyone around them feels happier, included, and valued.
Susan Thai’s optimism and positive attitude make her a Champion of Kindness for the Litco Law team. As an extremely approachable person, her ability to make team members feel great about themselves creates a happy environment at the firm, full of laughter, joy, and conversation. Susan once made sure that a team member’s birthday was celebrated in style by encouraging everyone to contribute to a beautiful Edible Arrangement covered in Hello Kitty decorations (the birthday girl’s favourite).
She’s always ready to lighten the mood, have a chat, or make a joke, helping all of us be more cheerful–inside and outside of work.

Olivia Ebsary: Champion of Ask Why

Process Improvement Specialist

Litco Law - Olivia Ebsary
Just celebrated her 3 year anniversary with the firm, having joined the team as a Filing Assistant, moving on to Admin Services, and finally landing in the Business & Technology Services Department.
Those who Ask Why are agents of positive change in the workplace. Rather than take anything at face value, they are constantly striving for better ways to complete tasks and helping companies stay relevant in a changing world.
Olivia Ebsary is a Champion of Ask Why at Litco Law thanks to her enthusiasm for finding better processes and procedures in all aspects of the firm. A perfect example was when she worked with our leadership team to investigate training options meant to improve workflow. She coordinated a training opportunity in the UK, spending a week in intensive training before returning with great knowledge to share with the team!
As a determined advocate for efficiency and improvement, her contributions to the team are key to helping us provide a smoother, quicker experience for our accident injury clients.

Brianne Harris: Champion of Don’t Blame

Legal Assistant

Litco Law - Breanne Harris
Joined the team as an Admin in May 2016. After completing Practicum as a Legal Assistant, she stayed on full-time.
Don’t Blame means looking to yourself before judging others. When someone understand their role in a mistake made by any member of the team, the entire team learns and grows together as they become more proactive and efficient in problem-solving. Mistakes happen, but a person who doesn’t blame knows that success and improvement is a group effort.
Brianne Harris embodies the value of Don’t Blame through her readiness to learn from every experience and solve problems, no matter who caused them. Early in her career, Brianna inherited several files as a Legal Assistant. In order to ensure that she was well-versed on the files and clients, she performed her own full file audit to bring herself up to speed.
With her solution-focused attitude, she helps the team at Litco Law deal with unforeseen issues faster and strengthens the trust between our team members.

Leading the Charge

The hard work and passion shown by these Champions of the Litco Law core values are a continued source of inspiration for all of us. Keep an eye out for our next Core Value Champion post, where we’ll highlight 5 more team members who help ensure that Litco Law will never stop improving – for team members and all the personal injury clients we serve.


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