Core Value Champion: Nicholas Rego

Jun 14, 2022

At Litco Law, our core values are so much more than just some arbitrary words stuck up on a wall. They represent who we are as a company and as individuals. When we hire new team members, we look for people who already live our core values in their daily lives, and then let them shine. This quarter we’re celebrating a member of our team who is an incredible example of these values in everything he does, our very own Nicholas Rego!

Nicholas (Nico) Rego

Deskside Support Analyst

Joined Litco Law in April 2021.

Here are just of few of the ways that Nico exemplifies the core values that are near and dear to our hearts:

Own It – You Make a Difference

A champion of Owning It doesn’t just ‘get things done,’ they take things to the next level by doing great things every single day. It’s about being that person who always puts their hand up and looks for ways to make a difference, generates great ideas, and is ready to give it all they’ve got to see things through.

In his role as Deskside Support Analyst, Nico is one our IT heroes, always on call when team members need help. Team members describe him as “always going above and beyond for the team and an absolute pleasure to work with.” He’s very detail-oriented and always looking for solutions that make everyone’s lives a little easier. Even with a million requests flying through the door, Nico makes every single person feel like a priority.

Empathy – Walk the Mile and Take the Extra Step

It’s important to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes to understand what they are going through, but at Litco Law, that’s not quite enough. Once you understand the feelings and the situation, you must do something to help the other person. That’s how we take empathy and put it into action!

A technological issue might mean that a team member is late to a meeting, or unable to complete an important task or deadline. Stress levels can be running high, and it makes an incredible difference to receive support from someone who is empathic to the situation and wants to find a solution. At a growing company, there are always requests coming in, and often people need help quickly but “he is always happy to help.”

Kindness – Help Others Feel Great About Themselves

Kindness isn’t just about putting on a smile when someone walks through the door, it’s about being a genuinely nice human and wanting to make others feel wonderful about themselves. At its heart, kindness is about being sensitive to those around you and actively listening to what others have to say.

Kind-hearted. Friendly. Positive. Always happy to help… these are just a few of the words that Nico’s team members use to describe him. He leads with kindness and a positive attitude in everything he does. Every interaction, no matter how brief, is always positive. He’s genuinely caring, personable, and “always willing to help whenever an issue comes up.” Thank you, Nico, for inspiring us all to be present for those we interact with and find a way to brighten their day!

Ask Why – Challenge the Status Quo

At Litco Law, Asking Why means digging deeper. It’s been said that the most dangerous phrase in the English language is “we’ve always done it this way.” Rather than just accepting the status quo, it’s important to step back and look at why things are done a certain way—because that’s how we grow and get better and keep moving forward with fresh ideas!

Nico leaves no stone unturned when it comes to troubleshooting an issue. He’s always considering the reasons behind the problem, which makes him an excellent technician. Nico’s attention to detail and drive to find solutions means he is always asking why and finding ways to improve our processes. These skills make him a great person to have in the ever-changing tech world and on our team!

Don’t Blame – Point the Finger at Yourself

At Litco Law, we never throw someone else under the bus, or walk away saying “that’s not my problem.” Don’t Blame isn’t about preventing mistakes—it’s about how we handle them when they do happen. It means we point the finger at ourselves first and hold ourselves accountable by looking at our own contribution to a situation.

In Nico’s role, there are constant challenges and moments where it would be tempting to blame others when things go wrong. Instead, he always keeps focus on the task at hand while showing “empathy and kindness to our team throughout it all.” This is no easy task, and we admire his ability to look for solutions rather than lay blame.

We’re incredibly grateful to Nico for doing such an amazing job of supporting the team and being such a great example of our core values. Thanks for everything you do!!

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