Core Value Champion: Christina Rotheisler

Jul 28, 2021

We know that it’s our incredible team members that really make the magic happen here at Litco Law. Today, we’re celebrating an absolutely outstanding member of the team who is a shining example of our Core Values in everything she does— Christina Rotheisler, our Client Experience Specialist. We’re so grateful to have her on the team, and we know that our clients love her just as much as we do. If you’ve personally met Christina, you already know just how awesome she is. And if you haven’t, keep reading to get to know a little more about her!

Christina Rotheisler

Client Experience Specialist

Joined Litco Law in January 2021

“Christina is such a breath of fresh air every single day. She lives our Core Values not only with our clients but with her fellow teammates. Thank you for being you!”

Own It – You Make a Difference

A champion of Owning It doesn’t just ‘get things done,’ they take things to the next level by doing great things every single day. It’s about being that person who always puts their hand up and looks for ways to make a difference, generates great ideas, and is ready to give it all they’ve got to see things through.

In her role, Christina owns it (and then some) every single day. Our team members describe Christina as “always so organized and on top of everything, she will always have the answers for you and, if she doesn’t, she will find them for you right away…she is so on top of things and instills so much confidence.” What’s more, she always goes out of her way to remember the little things for every person that enters our office— from team members to clients, and delivery people. We’re inspired and blown away by everything Christina does for everyone, and the positive impact she has on every single person she interacts with.

Kindness – Help Others Feel Great About Themselves

Kindness isn’t just about putting on a smile when someone walks through the door, it’s about being a genuinely nice human and wanting to make others feel wonderful about themselves. At its heart, kindness is about being sensitive to those around you and actively listening to what others have to say.

When it comes to kindness, we’re pretty sure Christina wrote the book. She’s sensitive to how clients and team members are feeling, and there isn’t a single aspect of her role that isn’t infused with kindness. She’s thoughtful and attentive, helpful and considerate. Christina lives this core value every single day, not only with our clients but with our entire team. We received especially heartwarming feedback from a team member who says: “Christina goes out of her way to remember little things about me, to give positive words about our other team members and her focus and interest make me feel like I am the only person she has given time to in her day. It is hard to put in words what this must feel like and mean to each and every person that enters our lounge.” We are all so grateful!

Empathy – Walk the Mile and Take the Extra Step

It’s important to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes to understand what they are going through, but at Litco Law that’s not quite enough. Once you understand the feelings and the situation, you must do something to help the other person. That’s how we take empathy beyond compassion and put it into action!

So often clients come to us during a difficult and stressful time in their lives. They aren’t always having their best day when they reach out to us, but Christina is incredibly empathetic to every single person that walks through the door. She shows compassion and puts it into action by asking questions like “How can I help?” or “How are you feeling?” and then goes about finding a way to help or brighten that person’s day in a meaningful way. This might look like arranging transportation for a client, sending a bouquet of flowers, handwritten birthday cards, or simply being a shoulder for a client to lean on who is having a bad day. We know it means a lot to our clients (based on the outpouring of feedback we get on a regular basis). Thanks for making all of our days a little brighter, Christina!

Ask Why – Challenge the Status Quo

At Litco Law, Asking Why means digging deeper. Rather than just accepting the status quo, it’s important to step back and look at why things are done a certain way—because that’s how we grow and get better, and keep moving forward with fresh ideas!

From day one, Christina embraced our core value of Ask Why by not only trying to understand our process, but also the “why” behind what we do and how we might be able to do even better. She consistently asks questions and encourages her teammates to ask them, too. Christina is incredibly engaged and invested in learning from different departments. We can’t help but do a bit of humble bragging about all the awesome ideas she brings to the table. Thanks to Christina for always looking for opportunities to take our processes from good to great!

Don’t Blame – Point the Finger at Yourself

At Litco Law, we never throw someone else under the bus, or walk away saying “that’s not my problem.” Don’t Blame isn’t about preventing mistakes—it’s about how we handle them when they do happen. It means we point the finger at ourselves first, and hold ourselves accountable by looking at our own contribution to a situation.

In a role that’s always busy, with unforeseen circumstances coming her way multiple times a day, there are moments where it might be tempting to blame others or a situation when things don’t go according to plan. Instead of pointing the finger, Christina actively looks for ways to remedy the situation when it arises and looks to see what she could have done or could do in the future to help prevent a similar situation from happening again. We appreciate that she’s always looking for ways that we can do better next time!

Thank you, Christina, for everything you do and for showing us what our core values are really all about! Our team and our office just wouldn’t be the same without you. We’re so lucky to have you!


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