Real Estate Pricing Guide

May 10, 2023

Looking for a lawyer to handle the sale or purchase of your home? You might have some questions like… Which law firm is right for me? How can I avoid hidden fees or unexpected expenses? We understand that when buying or selling a home, you’ll likely encounter costs you may not have anticipated (like having to hire a lawyer). That’s why we offer completely transparent pricing & competitive flat fees. In this article, we discuss our fees and all things real estate pricing.

  • For all our real estate transactions, you’ll pay a flat rate fee. That means you won’t be billed for a phone call or talking to your lawyer. And we cover the cost of disbursements. For all the non-lawyers in the room, disbursements are costs associated with things like title and tax searches, land registration fees, obtaining real property reports, bank fees, and more.
  • The base fee we charge for the purchase or sale of a home includes the cost of ALL disbursement fees. Many firms will charge over and above for disbursement fees, which can cost anywhere from $250 – $1,000 and up. So, while a firm’s base fee might seem like a steal of a deal at first glance, that number can quickly double if your lawyer bills by the hour and charges you for disbursements.

Here’s a quick breakdown of our standard pricing. For more information, you can visit our pricing page or contact us.

SERVICE                                                               PRICE

Property Sale                                                  $1,100 + GST

Property Purchase (without mortgage)       $1,500 + GST

Property Purchase (with mortgage)             $1,600 + GST

*Pricing above INCLUDES disbursements. Special circumstances may require additional fees. We’ll always discuss all costs with you, so you know what to expect.

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When choosing Litco Law, you’ll never have to worry about unexpected expenses or hidden fees. If you would like to know more about our real estate pricing, you can visit our pricing page here or contact us today to find out more.


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