2019’s First Core Value Champion Antonio Corbo

Jul 2, 2019

Q1 was a great one, and now it’s time to give a shout-out to a Litco Law team member who epitomized the core values of Litco Law and made our last quarter so special! The Core Value Champion is nominated by the team for their outstanding dedication to fellow co-workers, the firm, and the injured clients we help every day. Without further ado, join us in congratulating Antonio Corbo!

Antonio Corbo
Client Care Specialist
Joined Litco Law Personal Injury Lawyers in March 2017

Core Value: Own It

As one of our Culture Champions, Antonio lives the value of Own It through his commitment to the team and his role, inside and outside the firm. Whether he’s helping to plan a Litco Law event, lending a hand to a team member in need, or rallying the Litwiniuk team for softball practice (he’s captain!), you can always count on him to enthusiastically take on extra responsibilities to make sure that things go off without a hitch.

In fact, he even went as far as to volunteer to work extra hours during our holiday office closure—all so that our new clients would get prompt responses to their concerns and inquiries during the holiday season. It’s this devotion to his work, his teammates, and the well-being of our clients that make Antonio a shining example of the value of Own It.

Core Value: Kindness

An act of kindness is never wasted, because kindness brings hope, joy, and comfort to everyone it touches. Champions of Kindness are helpful and compassionate to others, even if there’s nothing in it for them—because they know the power of these small actions. Since starting at Litco Law Personal Injury Lawyers, Antonio has proven time and time again that he embodies the value of Kindness. Acting as a trusted friend and advocate for clients and team members alike, he never fails to brighten the day of each person he interacts with. From cheering up an upset team member to ensuring our injured clients feel secure and heard, Antonio’s positive attitude and commitment to Kindness inspires all of us at the firm. 

Core Value: Empathy

Champions of Empathy make an effort to understand the feelings of the person they’re helping and respond with compassion. As a Client Care Specialist, Antonio understands this better than most. His role sees him working with injured clients who are scared and vulnerable after an accident—and in these moments, it’s incredibly important for their well-being that they feel supported and heard. A great example is when he saw a need for mental health education to help address our clients’ psychological injuries after an accident. Along with other members of the team, Antonio researched and gathered resources, which allowed us to better serve the injured during the most difficult time in their lives.

Antonio also shares his empathetic attitude with the larger team and is usually first to sign-up for volunteering and fundraising opportunities. Once, he had the idea of collecting recyclables from the office and donating the returns to local charities—and was willing to handle everything himself to make sure the money went to a good cause! As our Champion of Empathy, Antonio forges personal connections and supportive relationships with everyone he meets, demonstrating a genuine level of care and empathy that we all appreciate.

Core Value: Ask Why

Being a Champion of Ask Why means never being afraid to challenge the status quo and think outside the box—because that’s how improvements are made. Since day one, Antonio has shown endless curiosity about his work, his role, and the way we do things at Litco Law. Constantly on the hunt for ways to make our processes more effective and efficient, he’s eager to come forward with new ideas and perspectives. In fact, while planning the curriculum for our Litwiniuk University training courses, Antonio took the time to research and explore different methods of teaching to better cater to a variety of learning styles. The result was a more comprehensive, effective course that informed and taught with the different needs of the team in mind. As a strong proponent of Ask Why, Antonio fosters an inclusive work environment focused on developing and perfecting the way we work, train, and serve our clients.

Core Value: Don’t Blame

No one’s perfect, but a Champion of Don’t Blame knows that it’s far more constructive to focus on solutions than it is to criticize. Antonio is a living example of this concept, both personally and professionally. Known widely by the team as the go-to source for solutions and fixes, he searches relentlessly for potential areas of improvement, both at the firm and in himself. When developing the Litwiniuk University curriculum, for example, he made sure to infuse his own working knowledge and experience to help others learn from his mistakes and better themselves. Through his optimistic approach to solving problems and his passion for self-development, Antonio makes the value of Don’t Blame look easy!

Above and Beyond

Way to go, Antonio! We’re proud to name you our Q1 Core Value Champion. Keep on bringing your enthusiasm, positivity, and dedication to the firm—because it’s a better place when you’re around!

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